Kim So-hyun Reveals How She Immerses In Characters, “I’ve Been Acting For 16 Years”

On July 10th, the YouTube channel “Studio USOG” released a new video of “Inssadong Sulzzi” featuring the guest appearance of actress Kim So-hyun.

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Kim So-hyun revealed that “Inssadong Sulzzi” was the first YouTube content she shot. Lee Chae-yeon and Kim So-hyun are close friends so they decided to use informal language while filming the content.

The two revealed that they could meet each other five times a month. Regarding her impression of Kim So-hyun before they became close, Lee Chae-yeon said, “Maybe it’s because I’ve seen you act since you were little but I thought I was older. I also assumed you were cold. You only wear dresses when you’re off work, with headbands. You’re super casual”.

kim so hyun

Lee Chae-yeon then asked Kim So-hyun about how she immerses in her character in a drama. Kim So-hyun confessed, “When I was little I’d really get into the script like I’m studying. I’d write everything down and memorize everything. But it took quite a toll on me once I finished a shoot. I do acting because I love it and I didn’t want it to eat me up. I’d feel proud after but I’d feel burn out.”

She added, “Now I like to get a sense of the overall structure and have an overall understanding first so if we shoot different scenes, I can get right to acting”, adding “Plus, I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve been acting for 16 years”.