Kim Soo-hyun and Former Girl Group Member Caught in Surprise Dating Rumor; Agencies Quickly Deny

Actors Kim Soo-hyun and Lim Na-young, formerly of the group I.O.I, have been caught up in unexpected dating rumors. These rumors first surfaced in Taiwan. The speculation began because Kim Soo-hyun and Lim Na-young recently attended a music festival in Incheon together. However, both parties promptly denied the dating rumors.

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kim soo hyun Lim Na-young

Taiwanese media outlet ETtoday reported on the 10th that Kim Soo-hyun and Lim Na-young attended the ‘2024 Ultra Music Festival Korea’ on the 7th and appeared to be very close. According to a video posted by another festival attendee, Kim Soo-hyun and Lim Na-young stood next to each other and enjoyed the festival together. In the video, Kim Soo-hyun was seen wearing a black baseball cap and dressed casually, standing beside Lim Na-young, and the two were seen whispering to each other.

This report also spread domestically, prompting swift denials from both Kim Soo-hyun’s and Lim Na-young’s agencies.

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On the 11th, Kim Soo-hyun’s agency Gold Medalist stated, “There is no truth to the rumors,” denying any romantic relationship with Lim Na-young. Lim Na-young’s agency Mask Studio similarly stated, “They attended the festival with acquaintances and happened to meet Kim Soo-hyun by chance, exchanging only brief greetings,” dismissing the dating rumors.

Ultimately, it seems that the dating rumors about Kim Soo-hyun and Lim Na-young were simply a misunderstanding. The sight of them meeting by chance, whispering, and enjoying the festival together was exaggerated, leading to the sudden dating rumors.

kim soo hyun-kim sae ron

Kim Soo-hyun was also recently caught up in dating rumors with actress Kim Sae-ron. During the airing of the drama “Queen of Tears,” Kim Sae-ron unexpectedly posted an old selfie with Kim Soo-hyun on social media, sparking dating rumors.

Aside from these sudden dating rumors, Kim Soo-hyun is currently enjoying another peak in his career and gaining significant popularity. He recently starred as Baek Hyun-woo in the popular drama “Queen of Tears,” where he showcased great chemistry with co-star Kim Ji-won, who played Hong Hae-in, earning much love and attention.

Lim Na-young debuted as part of the project group I.O.I through Mnet’s audition program “Produce 101” and has since appeared in various films and dramas, establishing herself as an “acting idol.” She recently appeared in the KBS1 daily drama “Udangtang Family.”