Kim Soo Hyun Charms In “Queen of Tears” Character Stills

Setting out to capture women’s hearts, Kim Soo Hyun dressed in a luxury suit befits the son-in-law of a chaebol family in Queen of Tears.

tvN’s new drama Queen of Tears narrates the dizzying crisis and miraculous restart of Hong Hae-in, a third-generation chaebol heiress of Queen’s Group, and Baek Hyun-woo, a supermarket prince and son of Yongduri’s head.

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They are a married couple of three years. The compelling narrative of this couple as they face and overcome distressing obstacles is anticipated to move the viewers and help them appreciate the value of family.

The series is a collaboration between the writer Park Ji Eun (My Love from the Star, Legend of the Blue Sea, Crash Landing on You) and directors Jang Young Woo (Bulgasal: The Immortal Souls) and Kim Hee Won (Vincenzo, Little Women).

“Queen of Tears” Kickstarts Buzz With First Script Reading Update

Queen of Tears

In the drama, Kim Soo Hyun plays Baek Hyun-woo, the legal director of Queens Group and the husband of the department store queen Hong Hae-in. From his tall stature, and handsome face to his smart brain, he grew up well both physically and mentally under his parents, who were village headmen and local residents. He ended up marrying Hong Hae-in, the queen of Queens Group, one of Korea’s leading conglomerate companies

Correspondingly, the teasers unveiled today glimpses of Hyun-woo’s attractive appearance. His luxurious charm stands out even more with his tight-fitting tailored suit and neatly slicked-back hairstyle. He has a laid-back attitude that never loses his smile and a serious expression on his face as he focuses on his job.

Although he seems to have no shortage of talent, visuals, and even a beautiful wife, there is a secret hidden deep in his heart that he cannot tell anyone. Suffering from the harsh in-laws as he lives with his wife’s family, he struggles struggling at home and work and faces another crisis that is life-changing. Look forward to whether Baek Hyun-woo will be able to overcome his hardships and continue his happy married life.

Queen of Tears premieres in March on tvN!

Source: joynews24