Kim Soo-hyun, NCT,… Korean stars who recently caught in dating rumors

Recently, videos from the ‘2024 Ultra Music Festival Korea,’ attended by domestic stars such as Kim Soo-hyun and Lim Na-young, were shared on social media and online communities.

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Given that the stars are familiar faces from dramas and stage performances, fans at the festival were highly attentive, and videos capturing the atmosphere were quickly shared.

kim soo hyun Lim Na-young-thumbnail

In one of these videos, Kim Soo-hyun was seen whispering to Lim Na-young and continuing a conversation naturally. Fans, knowing that the two had not worked together before, were curious about how they might have developed a friendship.

Particularly, the beginning of the video showed another man whispering something to Kim Soo-hyun, who then whispered to Lim Na-young. This partial video spread, leading local media to speculate about a romantic relationship between Kim Soo-hyun and Lim Na-young.

The dating rumors were unfounded. Kim Soo-hyun’s side dismissed the rumors as “groundless,” and Lim Na-young’s side also stated, “It is not true.” As the dating rumors were based on an edited video, both sides responded quickly, allowing fans to settle their concerns.

park seo joon

However, some pointed out the recurring issue of overseas dating rumors. Previously, actor Park Seo-joon was caught in rumors when a photo of him with model Lauren Tsai surfaced, and G-Dragon was seen watching a sports game in Osaka, Japan, with former Miss Korea Kim Go-eun, leading to dating rumors. Park Seo-joon’s side stated it was difficult to confirm personal matters, and G-Dragon’s side denied the rumors, saying they were just friends with mutual acquaintances.

Rumors not only about dating but also damaging the images of stars are spreading, causing concern. Recently, rumors involving NCT’s Johnny and Haechan engaging in nightlife activities, prostitution, and drug use in Japan led SM Entertainment to take a firm stance, saying there would be “no leniency regardless of nationality.” A Japanese media outlet also reported dating rumors involving a K-pop girl group member, but it turned out to be a baseless incident.

These dating rumors and other rumors often arise from partially edited videos, requiring accurate fact-checking. However, they spread rapidly through social media and online communities, making them hard to control. Although agencies are taking a firm stance against these ongoing overseas rumors and speculation, it’s not always possible to correct every falsehood. The public needs to adopt a proper attitude, including fact-checking such news.