Kim Soo Hyun Returns to Military for Special Reasons Amid ‘Queen of Tears’ Fame

Kim Soo Hyun returns to the military ahead of the “Queen of Tears” finale.

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What’s the reason for his return?

Kim Soo Hyun Joins Reserve Forces Training

Amid the massive popularity of the tvN romance K-drama, the top star joins the Reserve Forces’ training and delivered a special message to fans.

To fulfill his national defense duties, Kim Soo Hyun was spotted in military uniform and joined 490 reservists as the group underwent reserve forces training.

As mentioned by a news outlet, the activity showcases the actor’s patriotism.

Kim Soo Hyun
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With his recent military activity, the top star delivered a special message to his supporters through the fandom social networking service, Bubble.

The actor, who introduced himself as Army Sergeant Kim, shared that he “spent the day meeting 490 new people this morning.”

To recall, Kim Soo Hyun, who enlisted in the military in October 2017, is set to join as an active-duty soldier but worked in public service due to a cardiac surgery in the past.

However, the actor voluntarily went for re-examinations and was cleared to be part of the first-degree military service. He later joined a front-line reconnaissance battalion in the 1st Division and was even promoted to sergeant position.

After finishing 21 months in the service, the actor returned to his civilian life in July 2019, making “Crash Landing on You ” and “Hotel Del Luna” cameos as his first on-screen appearances.

Meanwhile, his first K-drama lead role after his military discharge was the hit K-drama “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay” with Seo Ye Ji and Oh Jung Se.

Kim Soo Hyun on ‘Queen of Tears’ Popularity

Definitely one of the biggest K-dramas of 2024, “Queen of Tears” has been dominating the airwaves since its debut on March 9.

Queen of Tears
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The tvN rom-com series continues to secure its position on global rankings, particularly at Netflix’s global top 10, where it ranked third in the (non-English) category.

On top of it, Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun’s drama “Queen of Tears” surpassed 1 billion views, making it the first in tvN history.

As a treat to their loyal viewers, Kim Soo Hyun will have more roles in the drama by singing the series’ OST. This will be his first time in 10 years since his “My Love from the Star” and “Dream High” days.

On the other hand, during the drama’s press conference, Kim Soo Hyun admitted that he has mixed feelings regarding his new role and working with Kim Ji Won for the first time.

As mentioned in a report, he was so excited and nervous at the same time that he even ended up “stuttering” in front of the actress during the filming.

“To be working with someone you only see onscreen, it’s very exciting. But it’s also something that induces a lot of nervousness.”

Thankfully, all the hard work has paid off since “Queen of Tears” continues to create a huge buzz both locally and internationally.