Kim Soo Hyun Seen With Lim Nayoung At Music Festival — And ‘Queen of Tears’ Fans Are Disappointed

The “Queen of Tears” fandom is met with disappointment after Kim Soo Hyun was spotted with a female celebrity at a music festival. Are they dating?

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Kim Soo Hyun – Kim Ji Won’s Shippers Disappointed At the Actor’s Viral Video With Lim Nayoung

Kim Soo Hyun, Lim Nayoung
(Photo : Kim Soo Hyun Instagram | Lim Nayoung Instagram )

Kim Soo Hyun became one of the most mentioned celebrities in the first half of 2024, thanks to his megahit K-drama “Queen of Tears.” However, just a few months after the series concluded, the actor went viral, but not for a good reason.

On June 8, he was mentioned on multiple media platforms as he was seen partying in the Ultra Music Festival Korea. Some clips taken during his stay in the event immediately circulated online. 

Fans were surprised that the lady next to him was not Kim Ji Won, but former I.O.I member Lim Nayoung. The sight of the two standing next to each other confused and shocked netizens that they are actually acquaintances.

SooWon Ship Sinks: ‘Queen of Tears’ Fans React to Kim Soo Hyun’s Viral Video

Previously, Kim Soo Hyun was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with his co-star Kim Ji Won. But after his recent video circulated on different portals, some “Queen of Tears” fans were disappointed and felt betrayed for seeing Kim Soo Hyun with another woman.

Queen of Tears
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

  • “The ship is sinking.”
  • ‘”No more SooWon.”
  • “SooWon, Thank you for the memories.”
  • “I feel bad for Ji Won seeing this. This breaks my heart. I think I’ll start to move on.”
  • “Is this the sign to move on?”
  • Meanwhile, others reminded fans that the actor is already an adult and should be having fun in his free time.
  • “Bruh, it’s normal, he’s just enjoying his time, chill!”
  • “Maybe I should stop being delulu about SooWon and start absorbing that they have personal lives, and they are just working, and Kim Soo Hyun is just doing fan service for SooWon’s fans.”

Even though the actor’s relationship with Kim Ji Won isn’t confirmed, shippers were disappointed about the news.

On the other hand, as the video went viral, a source pointed out that Kim Soo Hyun and Lim Nayoung were together because, apparently, she is dating the actor’s cousin.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun is on a short break as he is about to embark on his fan meeting journey in Asia beginning this June, and was reported to begin filming his comeback drama once he finishes his solo fan meetings this 2024.

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