Kim Soo Hyun Shows He’s a ‘True Fan’ by Doing This at IU’s Concert

Kim Soo Hyun went on full fan mode during IU’s concert. The South Korean heartthrob joined thousands of fans who watched the singer for her “IU H.E.R. World Tour Concert” in Seoul.

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IU’s Concert Highlights, Kim Soo Hyun & Park Bo Gum’s Attendance

According to a report, IU’s two-week concert series drew a total of 60,000 fans. The 30-year-old singer mesmerized the audience with her breathtaking voice, delivering a magical four-hour and 20-minute performance.

(Photo : IU Instagram)

Interestingly, Park Bo Gum made a surprise appearance during the March 10 concert and went to perform “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms.”

As the singer introduced the actor as her “wonderful friend” that she’s grateful towards, IU went to express how thrilled she is to be joined by a friend she “genuinely, really likes.”

“I didn’t want to leave without introducing my best friend to all of you. Have a great time together, friends.”

On the other hand, several celebrities were spotted supporting IU; this includes her “Dream” co-star Heo Jun Seok, TWICE’s Dahyun and Nayeon, and more.

However, what struck the fans the most was Kim Soo Hyun’s support for the singer.

On social media platforms like X, formerly Twitter, netizens shared their sightings of the South Korean star at IU’s concert.

Kim Soo Hyun
(Photo : Kim Soo Hyun Instagram)

In a report, Kim Soo Hyun not only watched IU but also sang “Only I Didn’t Know” like a true UAENA.

Interestingly, netizens spotted the actor enthusiastically shouting the lyrics of the song during the encore.

This is not the first time that Kim Soo Hyun was seen at IU’s concert.

The top star went to support the singer during her first solo concert in 2012, followed by IU’s theater concert “Just One Step… That Much More” in 2014 as well as her tour concert “LOVE, POEM ” in 2019.

In addition to this, Kim Soo Hyun also attended IU’s “2022 IU CONCERT ‘The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun'” for her 9th solo concert.

IU and Kim Soo Hyun first worked together in the 2011 K-drama “Dream High,” along with Bae Suzy, Ok TaecYeon, Ham Eun Jung, and more.

Since then, the duo has maintained their friendship and was reunited on KBS2’s rom-com K-drama “The Producers.”

Due to their closeness, fans dubbed Kim Soo Hyun “IU’s enthusiastic fan.”

On the other hand, IU will hold another concert on September 21 and 22, which will take place at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

It is safe to say that there’s a big chance that Kim Soo Hyun will be singing one of IU’s tracks again at the concert venue along with other UAENAs.

Meanwhile, the top star is currently starring in his K-drama comeback, “Queen of Tears,” with Kim Ji Won.

Kim Ji Won, Kim Soo Hyun
‘Queen of Tears’ Presscon
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

Premiering on March 11, viewers get to see their chemistry as the rom-com series airs every Saturday and Sunday via TVN.