Kim Soo Hyun Spotted Doing THIS To Kim Ji Won During ‘Queen of Tears’ Last Day Shoot

Kim Soo Hyun expressed affection by doing THIS to his “Queen of Tears” partner Kim Ji Won on the last day of their shoot. 

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‘Queen of Tears’ Stars Bid Farewell to Co-Stars, Crew, Viewers

Just like the viewers who finished watching the series, the “Queen of Tears” cast members couldn’t hide their emotions and got teary-eyed over the last day of their filming schedule. 

Queen of Tears
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

In the uploaded behind-the-scenes clip of the drama on tvN’s YouTube channel, covered the cast members saying farewell to each other following months of working together. 

Played the series’ villain, Yoon Eun Sung, Park Sung Hoon expressed regrets as the shoot officially came to an end.

“It feels like I read the script in awe just the other day, but it’s been almost a year. It doesn’t quite feel real that we concluded shooting after 11 months.” 

He went on:

“I’ll greet you with a better appearance in another project.”

‘Queen of Tears’
(Photo : Netflix)

The scene then shifted to Kim Ji Won and the actress shared a short message.

“We finished the big journey of 16 episodes and had the final shoot. It’s been a joyful time like the passing of seasons over the past year. I hope you continue to love Hong Hae In until the end because she’s a lovely and wonderful person.”

Kim Soo Hyun Gives Kim Ji Won Warm Hug & Got Emotional During Last Day of Shoot

The clip also revealed moments of the drama’s lead stars, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won. 

Queen of Tears
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

In particular, Kim Soo Hyun candidly embraced his co-star Kim Ji Won and said.

“I wasn’t feeling this way before, but suddenly I feel a bit restless.” 

The actor expressed his gratitude towards his co-star, whom he worked with for almost a year and already built a good connection with. 

Kim Ji Won, on the other hand, was surprised by her co-star’s affectionate gesture. 

After her, Kim Soo Hyun went to the director and embraced him. He then said.

“I feel relieved. Now, it feels a bit real.” 

He started to have tears in his eyes as he continued talking.

Kim Soo Hyun elaborated that it was the first time he had done a project so densely and for so long.

“It feels strange to me. Unlike other works, it feels intimate. I was fortunate to meet great staff.”

What’s Next for ‘Queen of Tears’ Stars

Furthermore, before finally saying their farewell to the viewers, the lead cast members will return this May 4 and 5 on the same “Queen of Tears” time slot. They are expected to answer the fans’ questions regarding the series and share some never-before-told stories behind the scenes. 

Meanwhile, “Queen of Tears” broke a record as it concluded with a viewership rating of 24.85 percent on April 29, replacing “Crash Landing on You’s” record. It also became the most highly rated series in tvN’s history.

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