Kim Soo Hyun’s Ideal Type Stirs Controversy Amid Dating Rumors With Kim Sae Ron

Kim Soo Hyun’s fans were in a complete state of shock after Kim Sae Ron shared a photo with the top star on her Instagram. The controversial actress, who got involved in a drunk driving incident back in 2022, once again made headlines after she posted a snap, sparking dating rumors. 

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Kim Soo Hyun’s Agency Speaks Up Amid Dating Speculations With Kim Sae Ron

In a now-deleted Instagram Story, Kim Sae Ron surprised the public when she uploaded a photo of herself and Kim Soo Hyun on March 24. 

Kim Sae Ron, Kim Soo Hyun
(Photo : Kim Sae Ron Instagram)

Although she immediately deleted the post, netizens were quick to screenshot the photo, making it viral on social media and stirring speculation about their romantic status. 

Shortly after the news broke, local media outlet Osen shared the stance of Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, Gold Medalist, regarding the issue. 

In an official statement, the agency denied the dating rumors, stating that the photo was taken during the time when Kim Sae Ron and Kim Soo Hyun were in the same agency. 

“We are informing you that Kim Soo Hyun’s dating rumors are not currently true. The photo that has been spread online appears to have been taken in the past.”

In addition, Gold Medalist added that they are “completely unable to understand the motivation behind Kim Sae Ron’s action,” referring to the uploaded photo.

Calling it “unnecessary misunderstandings and groundless speculation,” the label plans on “taking strong legal action in response to malicious slander and insulting posts” against Kim Soo Hyun. 

Following the controversial post by Kim Sae Ron, Kim Soo Hyun’s past remarks regarding his ideal type resurfaced. 

Netizens ‘Disgusted’ by Kim Soo Hyun’s Remark Regarding His Ideal Type

Netizens dug deep into the actor’s past interviews, where he spoke about his thoughts regarding the May-December love affair. 

Queen of Tears Still - Kim Soo Hyun
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

Back in 2013, Kim Soo Hyun was asked about his marriage plans and mentioned “marrying a 21-year-old girl at 41.”

His explosive statement caused displeasure among fans as netizens flocked to online communities to express their disappointment towards Kim Soo Hyun’s remark. 

36-year-old Kim Soo Hyun has a 13-year age gap with Kim Sae Ron, who is 23. 

Viewership of Kim Soo Hyun’s Drama ‘Queen of Tears’ Reaches Peak Following Dating Rumors

Kim Ji Won, Kim Soo Hyun
‘Queen of Tears’ Presscon
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

While his agency warned the public regarding the legal actions against malicious comments, Kim Soo Hyun’s drama “Queen of Tears” garnered massive viewership at the height of the controversy. 

Per reports, the 6th episode achieved its highest rating to date with a nationwide rating of 14.068 percent and was watched by 3.56 million viewers in South Korea. 

“Queen of Tears” Episode 6 is higher by 3.1 percentage points compared to the previous episode.