Kim Soohyun Receives 50 B KRW for Appearing in 16 Episodes of ‘Queen of Tears’


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According to a report from the 26th, Kim Soohyun agreed to a fee of 50 B KRW for appearing in ‘Queen of Tears,’ a total of 16 episodes. It amounts to over 3 B KRW per episode.

One media outlet reported that Kim Soo-hyun received 8 B KRW per episode for ‘Queen of Tears,’ but this was proven to be untrue. Particularly noteworthy is that Kim Soohyun is said to have received less for this project than for his previous work ‘One Ordinari Day.’

Production companies often lament the burden of rising production costs due to high actor fees. Indeed, Kim Soohyun was in the spotlight when reports emerged that he received 50 B KRW per episode for ‘One Ordinary Day.’ However, his agency remained discreet about specific fees.

‘Queen of Tears,’ showcasing Park Ji-eun’s talent once again, boasts a production budget of 400 B KRW. Of this, 50 B KRW went to Kim Soohyun, who has been making a significant impact on viewers.


-I envy him.

-He’s receiving a lot;; How much do the staff who work overnight receive?

-Wow, life must be enjoyable.

-It’s tiring to see so many articles about Kim Soohyun’s appearance fees.

-Is knowing how much they’re paid really that important? They’re making a fuss about it all day long.

-I feel bad for Kim Soohyun… We know he’s making a lot, but it’s the only thing people have been talking about all day today.

-Articles about Kim Soohyun’s appearance fees have been coming out all day long.

-Leave Kim Soohyun alone ㅠㅠ

-Entertainers earn money so easily, really.

-It’s amazing how he’s able to earn tens of billions just by doing one drama.

-Why is this happening? Seriously, they’re being ridiculous. No matter how much he receives, just stop it already. Why are journalists like this, making a big deal out of it all day long?

-He really receives a lot.

-Well, what can you do? If they offer a lot of money, you should accept it.

-Sigh, now I don’t know what to think. What do they want from him?

-Why are the articles like this? What do they want from Kim Soo-hyun!!!!

-Is knowing how much others earn really such an important topic??

-He’s the top of the top, so he should receive what he deserves. Why criticize and make a fuss?