Kim Sung Kyun Drops Hint About ‘Moving’ Sequel’

Kim Sung Kyun dishes on his experience filming Disney+’s “Moving” and thoughts about the possibility of the webtoon drama returning with a sequel.

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In an interview by a local media outlet, YTN, the 43-year-old actor is among the lead stars of the most-talked-about K-drama in 2023. 

Taking on the role of mentally challenged Lee Jae Man, whose character harbors unimaginable strength, which was inherited by his son, Lee Kang Hoon, played by Kim Do Hoon,

In “Moving,” Lee Jae Man lived a restricted life while hiding his superpowers. Rain or shine, he waits for his son in the same place at the exact same time. In episodes 14 and 15, viewers get to see Lee Jae Man as a doting father who loved his son unconditionally and would give everything for his family.

Apart from that, his encounter with Jang Joo Won, played by Ryu Seung Ryong garnered attention. 

Kim Sung Kyun Talks About His Fight Scene With Ryu Seung Ryong 

One of Jang Joo Won’s last missions as a black ops agent is to capture Lee Jae Man.


(Photo : Disney+)

Since Jae Man has special abilities, NIS needs someone as strong as him; however, he chose not to arrest him after he pleaded to see his son at home. 

According to Kim Sung Kyun, it took them 4 days to film the fight scene at the sewage.

“I filmed the entire scene in isolation. I went up on a wire and hung upside down. I repeated this several times in coordination with the wire team and came down,” the actor shared.

As Lee Jae Man’s story was released, Kim Sung Kyun said he was thrilled to see it, watching the episode for the first time.

The actor also expressed how impressed he is with the outcome of the episodes, noting that it was a mix of emotions for him to see the whole thing come to life.

Although the action scene was quite difficult, Kim Sung Kyun said he had fun doing oitand realized that he felt like he needed to take good care of his body on a daily basis.

As for his co-star, the 43-year-old actor was amazed at Ryu Seung Ryong’s agility, saying that his lifestyle of not drinking and smoking might contribute to his strength.

Will There Be a ‘Moving’ Sequel? Here’s What Kim Sung Kyun Says


(Photo : Disney+)

With only a week left, viewers will surely miss the cast and can’t wait to have “Moving” season 2 in the future.

As for this, Kim Sung Kyun dropped hints on what Kang Full, the creator of the webtoon and screenwriter of the drama series, shared with him. 

“I didn’t talk specifically, but writer Kang Full said, ‘You don’t know, so just prepare yourself,'” he said, raising speculation about the possibility of a sequel. 

Based on Kang Full’s works, “Moving” is a sequel to other webtoons “Bridge” and “Timing.” It can be recalled that episode 16 featured a character named Young Tak, who has the ability to stop the time, appeared in the webtoon “Timing.”