Kiss Of Life Causes Frenzy Following Confident Waterbomb 2024 Performance

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Kiss Of Life sparked a major frenzy after their confident and steamy performance at Waterbomb 2024.

From July 5 to 7, Waterbomb 2024 took place in Seoul, Korea, drawing the attention of numerous K-pop fans. The largest water music festival of the year featured top stars such as ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, Jay Park, SHINee’s Minho, and Baekho.

This year’s female lineup was especially star-studded, with performances from TWICE’s Nayeon, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, fromis_9, and the rising rookie group Kiss of Life. Recently, the S2 Entertainment girl group has gained attention with their music, which showcases their impressive talents.

Before officially debuting at Waterbomb, Kiss Of Life released the summer track “Sticky.” Embracing a mature, seductive concept, Kiss of Life confidently donned revealing outfits and executed sexy choreography to highlight “Sticky.”

However, their comeback received mixed reactions due to its concept. Many considered Kiss of Life’s styling and choreography for “Sticky” to be overly provocative, with some even saying it looked cheap Despite the criticism, Kiss of Life continued promoting “Sticky” across various stages, helping the song climb steadily on digital music charts.

At Waterbomb 2024, Kiss of Life delivered a series of impressive performances, from “Shhh” and “Midas Touch” to their latest track “Sticky.” Embracing the freedom of the water music festival, Kiss of Life showcased their physical prowess and seductive choreography with confidence and flair.

The choreography for “Sticky” captivated the audience at the music festival. The girls utilized movements such as leg stretches, hip shakes, and stage lay-downs, which earned them cheers. Additionally, the moment where they removed their shirts elicited loud screams from the audience.

Despite how Waterbomb is known for its bold display of wet bodies, Kiss of Life’s stage presence still made many viewers blush. Nevertheless, the four girls performed with confidence, their energy making the stage hotter than ever.

Behind the scenes, Kiss Of Life invited Jay Park and Nayeon to join the “hot trend” and promote “Sticky.” The video of Natty dancing with Jay Park was widely shared, but the most viral moment was a video of Julie and Nayeon. The hottest TWICE member matched the enthusiasm of her juniors, and their eye-catching body movements captivated fans.

A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram

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Currently, topics about Kiss of Life at Waterbomb are trending on social networks. People are now looking forward to Kiss of Life becoming a “Waterbomb icon” in the future. It is likely that the group will participate in the Waterbomb tour in many countries, such as Japan.

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