Kiss of Life Natty Draws Praise For Physique + Fashion Garners Mixed Reactions

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While Kiss of Life’s Natty is drawing praise once again for her physique, her fashion is drawing mixed reactions.

On June 3, 2024, a post titled “No, but Kiss of Life’s Natty was insane at the airport today. Look at her” was uploaded to Instiz, one of South Korea’s most popular online community forums.

The original poster included photos of Natty from the airport on that day. The idol appeared to be wearing little to no make-up, with a mask on, and her hair up in a messy bunny. Despite that, her beauty shined.

One of the things Natty is known for among Korean netizens is her stunning figure. Standing at 165cm tall, Natty has a slim yet curvy figure. She has full thighs and a full chest, with a slim waist. Her figure has become the envy of many, with fans loving her hourglass physique.

While Korean netizens praised the idol for her body, her fashion on this day drew mixed reactions.

For her airport look, Natty wore a black tank top with a long-sleeved black mesh mock neck. For her bottoms, she is seen wearing black dolphin shorts. Her Calvin Klein underwear was seen peeking out from the top of her shorts. For her shoes, Natty opted for sandals.

Some netizens found her outfit pretty, while others found it weird and questioned why she wore something like that. However, one thing all netizens agreed on was how pretty she looked and how even with her unorthodox fashion take, her physique stood out,

Some comments read:

  • “Natty is freaking pretty but I’m not too sure about her fashion.”
  • “Natty’s clothes are kind of weird, but it actually makes her physique stand out more.”
  • “Wow, because she is wearing a mask and has her hair in a bun, I couldn’t recognize her.”
  • “Her face is so pretty… But I’m not sure about her clothes… You can see Natty’s safety shorts…”
  • “Her clothes aren’t pretty… But Natty is pretty.”
  • “Natty’s image is so different when she wears a mask.”
  • “I think her outfit is fine. It suits Natty.”
  • “Natty is wearing a mask and isn’t wearing make-up, so her image is softer.”
  • “What the heck? Am I the only one who finds her outfit pretty? Where did she get that see-through top?”
  • “What’s with her outfit?”

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