“Knight Flower” Episodes 9 and 10 Recap

Our leads are catching up on the ill fate entangling their lives together. They had better keep their eyes peeled, though, as the villainous mastermind isn’t about to let anyone take away his power.

If anyone gets in his way, he will get rid of them, family included.

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Knight Flower

Knight Flower Episodes 9 and 10 Highlights

“My father-in-law had me marry into the family just to have leverage over my brother?”

Realizing it is Yeo-hwa behind the mask, Soo-ho funnily pushes Yoon-hak away and helps her escape. When they meet later, Soo-ho is still adamant about telling Yeo-hwa anything. But Yeo-hwa isn’t taking it, and her insistence wins. Soo-ho opens up to Yeo-hwa about being the son of the royal guards’ head, who was annihilated on the same day her brother disappeared.

Yeo-hwa agrees to meet Yoon-hak once again, where she learns about Seok being the mastermind behind it all. One can only imagine how devastated and betrayed Yeo-hwa feels. The one she considered a father was the one who made her brother go missing.

Yeo-hwa might have had no problem dying with her in-laws if Seok committed treason one day. Yet, dragging her into it and harming her brother isn’t something she will get behind. Setting a trap for Seok, Yeo-hwa makes it seem someone sent her a note asking to meet regarding intel about her brother. Still putting on the kind father-in-law’s mask, Seok gives her permission to get out of the house.


“Knowing that you never saw me as your brother leaves me free of guilt.”

However, on the inside, Seok is devising a plan to get rid of both Lady Oh and Yeo-hwa. For one that went as far as to kill the former king to keep his power, Seok has no problem getting rid of a few more people. He orders Pil-jik to kill Lady Oh and plans for Yeo-hwa to go on three-year mourning by her husband’s grave, which is only an excuse to kill her off and disguise it as a suicide.

Ordering Pil-jik to kill his sister is a cruel thing to do. But given how Lady Oh never considered him a brother, Pil-jik washes away his guilt and proceeds to strangle her. Thanks to Soo-ho dropping by at that exact moment and Lady Oh swinging her knife at Pil-jik, she makes it out alive. Scared of what Seok will do to him after failing his mission, Pil-jik tries to run away but gets caught. Seok has him locked in until he decides what to do with Pil-jik.

“Send a word once you make up your mind. If I don’t hear from you in three days, I will take that as a refusal.”

As for Yeo-hwa, she has two options left, fleeing to the Qing or joining the defense Capital disguised as a man. Scratch that. Yeo-hwa won’t go anywhere. She wants to stay in the capital. Instead, Yeo-hwa considers joining hands with Lady Oh. My enemy’s enemy is my friend. If Lady Oh is willing to act as bait to catch Seok, Yeo-hwa will help her keep her life. And seeing how calm Lady Oh is, even after the attempt on her life, she must be aware of crucial intel she will use as a bargaining chip.

The next step in Yeo-hwa’s plan is to sneak Pil-jik out and tail him afterward. Dressed in black and donning their masks, Soo-ho and Yeo-hwa barge in. But caught in the heat of the moment, an agitated Soo-ho almost kills Pil-jik for murdering his parents.

Acting like the snake he is, Pil-jik pleads on his knees for his life. If they spare him, he will testify against Seok. And then, he has his man hurt Yeo-hwa once our leads lower their guard. It all works out since Pil-jik escapes and is now followed around by capital defense officers. But Soo-ho feels guilty for causing Yeo-hwa to be hurt.

“I could not come back because I did not remember anything.”

Meanwhile, a shocking surprise pulls the plug on Seok’s plan. Jeong is back in the house. Realizing how evil and heartless Seok is, Jeong sees no point in hiding and shows up before his mother, claiming he couldn’t get back because he lost his memories. Hilariously, Yeo-hwa, who wanted to stay in the capital, is now looking for a way to run away.

Who can blame her, though? She lived as a widow for 15 years. And suddenly, a strange man appears and claims he is not-dead-at-all husband. Instead of praying all day in the shrine, Yeo-hwa gets another task, giving birth to a son to continue Seok’s family name.

Knight Flower Episodes 9 and 10 Musings

Seeing how Jeong is nothing like Seok, I wonder what Yeo-hwa’s married life would have been like if Jeong married the woman his father chose for him. Jeong is kind-hearted and a gentleman all around. So, he might have been a good husband to Yeo-hwa. But it is too late to do this now as, though she denies it, Yeo-hwa has already given her heart to Soo-ho. She can’t handle staying in the same room with Jeong but doesn’t mind Soo-ho caressing her cheek.

Jeong already suspects Yeo-hwa is Soo-ho’s lover. He low-key tries to feel her out, but Yeo-hwa denies everything. This makes me wonder what Jeong’s reaction will be when he confirms that his wife is in love with another man. Will he take responsibility for his actions and grant Yeo-hwa a divorce? Or will he hold on to Yeo-hwa against her will? I genuinely hope it is the former, as I am sympathetic to Jeong and don’t want him to follow in his father’s evil footsteps.

Enjoy the adventurous life of Yeo-hwa and Soo-ho in Knight Flower

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