Ko So-young Spills the Tea: ‘Waking Up to Jang Dong-geon’s Handsome Face Doesn’t Stop Our Arguments’

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Seoul, June 9 – In a candid and humorous episode of Keem Na-young’s YouTube show, renowned actress Ko So-young opened up about her daily life with her husband, Jang Dong-geon, one of Korea’s most handsome actors.

During the episode, Keem Na-young posed a fan’s burning question to Ko So-young.

 “When you fight with your husband, does your anger disappear because of how handsome he is?”

-Keem Na-young

“People ask me things like that really often. ‘What it’s like to wake up next to Jang Dong-geon?’, they asked, and it’s so…” Ko So-young began, pausing to create a moment of suspense that had Keem Na-young laughing.

“The good looks of your partner don’t keep dazzling you after getting married. When we argue, it’s no different from anyone else. His attractive appearance does not make me less angry. In fact, it’s even more annoying when your husband is gorgeous and doesn’t listen to you,”

She remarked with a chuckle, offering a glimpse into the couple’s real-life dynamics.

Ko So-young also shared her experiences as a mother, revealing that raising children comes with its own set of challenges.

“Can’t even tell you how many times a day I get angry at them. But I agree with those who believe that children are not to blame; it’s always the parents who are responsible for their upbringing. As a mother, I find myself constantly giving the same lectures to my children for the same thing they do. I’ve been repeating the same lines for 15 years. My kids always ask, ‘Mom, could you just talk without getting so upset?’ And I automatically reply, ‘I’m not upset, I’m just talking here!'”

-Ko So-young

Ko So-young humorously noted, “I think people who advocate for raising a child without scolding them are those who never had a child,” adding that her two children often cause dark circles under her eyes due to the demands of parenting.

The episode also featured fans’ admiration for Ko So-young’s timeless beauty.

Keem Na-young relayed questions such as, “What’s the secret to your beauty?”, “How can you stay that beautiful?”, and “Until when are you going to be that beautiful?” Ko So-young playfully responded, “Forever, I guess?” and shared a laugh with the host.

Ko So-young and Jang Dong-geon, both celebrated figures in the Korean entertainment industry, tied the knot in May 2010.

They welcomed their son in October 2010 and their daughter in February 2014.

The episode provided a refreshing and personal look into the life of Ko So-young, showcasing her humor, relatability, and candidness about the realities of marriage and parenthood.