Koeun Faces Brutal Backlash from BRIIZE — Find Out What She Said

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Ko Eun, a former SM Entertainment trainee and member of SM Rookies, has recently come under fire from some fans of RIIZE for referring to RIIZE members Sungchan and Eunseok in a casual manner.

Despite leaving the entertainment industry and living as a regular college student, Ko Eun maintains a significant following on her personal Instagram, where she often hosts Q&A sessions with curious fans.

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During one such session, a netizen inquired about her training period with RIIZE members:

Netizen: “Did you train together with RIIZE too?”

Ko Eun: “Just with Sungchannie and Eunseokie.”

The casual reference to Sungchan and Eunseok sparked a wave of criticism from some RIIZE fans, who took to an anonymous comment platform to express their displeasure. Fans felt that her use of nicknames without formalities was inappropriate and disrespectful.

Here are some of the comments from the platform:

  • “Her training period overlapped with Sungchan and Eunseok? Sigh.”
  • “Well, the girlie who asked is hilarious, and the fact that she replied that that is too LOL.”
  • “Did the male trainees who entered the company in 2016 train together with girls? Would they be close?”
  • “How old is Ko Eun?”
  • “AFAIK she entered the company around 2012 or 2013.”
  •  “‘Sungchannie and Eunseokie? BRIIZE can be quite mentally ill so we’re rather sensitive about her referring to them without last names. Did she go to the fancon?”
  • “She said her training period only overlapped with Sungchan and Eunseok.”
  •  “Wow, this is kinda fascinating. Who knew she would even reply like that.”
  • “She was like, ‘only with Sungchannie and Eunseokie~~”
  • “LOL it’s so funny how she referred to them without their last names.”

While some fans criticized Ko Eun, others were quick to defend her, calling out the overreaction as “ridiculous.” Netizen Comments:

bbboooooonng: “FR, there’s only mentally ill people in BRIIZE…”


Gimchps: “Have they not gone out in society before? Referring to someone with their last name actually makes you look closer. Do y’all really want to hate on someone who didn’t manage to debut despite being an announced trainee?”

woojingjingjing: “So it’s real that we only have mentally ill people in BRIIZE..”

Ko Eun spent a significant portion of her youth as a trainee at SM Entertainment, dedicating years to the rigorous training process.