KOMCA Member Highlights TWICE’s Records — Is the Group Really ‘Less Popular’ Today?

In a radio broadcast, a popular composer and KOMCA member highlighted the status of TWICE in the music scene. Are they less popular than before?

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Crazy Music Shares Anecdote About Impact of TWICE’s Hit ‘Cheer Up’ in Music Industry

On September 15, producer-composer Crazy Music talked about “Nation’s Girl Group” TWICE on “K-razy Review,” a segment of the SBS PowerFM’s “Kim Young Chul’s PowerFM.”

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(Photo : Crazy Music, TWICE (Instagram))

On this day then, he featured TWICE’s impact on the music scene, especially when they released its multihit, “Cheer Up” in 2016. He then shared an interesting anecdote.

When the music video was released on YouTube, there were so many viewers that the platform detected it as an abnormal activity and froze the number of views 30 minutes after it was released. The views were stuck at 450,000 views for hours, and it suddenly jumped back to 5 million views two days after it was released.

So far, the number of views has reached 530 million, and it hit two birds with one stone, in Korea and abroad at the same time. Not only did it top all broadcasting stations but it also topped the annual charts. It’s the best song of that year.”

KOMCA Member Highlights TWICE Records: 'People think the group is worse than before...'

(Photo : TWICE (Kpop Wiki))

Crazy Music Quashes Opinions TWICE Is Less Popular Than Before

As the review went on, the producer then talked about the succeeding releases of the group after “Cheer Up” like “Dance the Night Away,” which he pointed out as among the “best picks” among musicians.

Just then, he mentioned the negative views regarding the release of the group’s latest song, “SET ME FREE,” in March.

“There are many people who aren’t aware and compare it to existing TWICE hits. Some people listen to this and think, ‘TWICE is worse than before,’ but it’s definitely not.”

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(Photo : News Tong)

Composer Crazy Music Reveals Why TWICE is Unique Compared to BTS, BLACKPINK + Selects Representative Song of the 2010s

(Photo : Crazy Music (Instagram)

Crazy Music claimed TWICE’s status these days.

“With this album, it entered the Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ at No. 2. TWICE is actually more popular these days.”

He continued to explain that “Cheer Up” even after about 8 years is still an all-time popular song, and aside from breaking the “7-year curse,” the group is establishing their status by debuting members as soloists like Nayeon and Jihyo.

“In terms of global singer album sales this year, Taylor Swift ranked first and TWICE ranked sixth. For the first time in a K-pop girl group, sales of U.S. albums surpassed 1 million. That’s truly incredible. The size of the world tour performance has more than quadrupled, too.”

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(Photo : Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

Crazy Music also mentioned TWICE being the female girl group with the most music videos with over 100 million views around the world and lastly, he conveyed pride and respect to the girl group for breaking the wall in the European market.

“No matter how hot K-pop is, they say it is a bit difficult in Europe, but this is their fifth world tour and first European tour, starting in London, England. It seems that they are gradually expanding their territory, so I am proud and respected as a fellow musician.”