“Korea doesn’t deserve BTS” Why are ARMYs around the world exploding with anger?

“Korea doesn’t deserve BTS”… Why are ARMYs around the world exploding with anger?

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While the government investigation into BTS’ sajaegi allegations is underway, BTS fans around the world are releasing messages of protest against the incident.

On the 5th, the hashtag ‘SOUTH KOREA APOPOGIZE TO BTS’ is going viral with nearly 170,000 posts on X.

They said: “Korea doesn’t deserve BTS”, “BTS was wrong to be born in Korea”, “BTS helped Korea gain global recognition” and “Korea does not deserve to participate in the World Expo 2030”

1. ? What do they know about our country to say such things?

2. Anyway, even though they like Korean idols, they hate Korean peopleㅋㅋㅋ

3. I really wish this was on public television news these days

4. Crazy.. They really look down on Korea

5. Even singers are ashamed of them

6.What will they do about BTS being Korean?

7. They like K-pop but they really hate Korea

8. Isn’t Korea being humiliated because of an idol group without good skills?

9. Then take BTS because we don’t need them

10. They are so stupid

11. Foreign BTS fans are so rude

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