Korea to Launch Pioneering K-pop High School for Music Education

The Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education revealed the launch of a high school dedicated to educating students about K-pop and honing their skills in related performances. 

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Set to open its doors in March 2028, this public high school will be the first of its kind in Busan. The institution aims to scout a diverse student body, both domestic and international, offering comprehensive lessons encompassing vocals, dance, instruments, and various artistic disciplines.

K-pop high school

As per Yonhap News, the school’s primary focus is to provide specialized courses aligned with the thriving K-pop industry, catering to the aspirations of students aiming to excel in this dynamic field. 

This initiative mirrors the industry’s tradition, where major entertainment companies follow a K-pop idol trainee system characterized by rigorous training and a systematic process.

Source: AK