Korean Dramas To Watch If You Are Fascinated About Reincarnation and Second Chance In Life

In recent years, more K-Dramas about rebirth have graced the small screen.

Under the premise of the character’s “second chance in life” journey or making up for what couldn’t be done in the past – these Korean dramas are slowly becoming a favorite plot among viewers. The intricate plot development and rules set by the fantasy elements add to the engagement of the viewers.

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In case you missed them, here are K-Dramas about rebirth and characters’ getting another chance to live in their own or another person’s body for your viewing pleasure.

Marry My Husband

In a twist of unfortunate fate, Kang Ji-won (Park Min Young) suffered cancer which made her terminally ill. She looks back on how she devoted her life to a loser husband and shameless mother-in-law.

When she learned that her treatment fee had not been paid, she went to her place to speak with her husband who was ignoring her calls. She took a cab and the cryptic driver returned the money she paid wishing her well in life.

Unknown to Ji-won, her husband Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi Kyung) is having an affair with her best friend Jung Su-min (Song Ha Yoon). She caught them red-handed and the subsequent emotional breakdown led to Ji-won being pushed to death.

But life gifted her another chance. She wakes up a few years back and with knowledge of what has happened, she plans to exact revenge on her husband and best friend.

Marry My Husband

Again My Life

Illuminating the value of second chances, Again My Life took a vengeance-driven plot that provided thought-provoking messages on how greed, money and power make or break family and personal relationships.

While investigating a case, Prosecutor Kim Hee-woo earns the ire of politician Cho Tae-sub. Because of that, he was ordered to be killed, but he was given a chance to go back to his past life.

Promising the person who gave a new leash to his life that he will do all he can to capture the evil kingmaker, he bolsters himself with enough power, funds and connections for the ultimate showdown with the villain.

Again My Life


Reborn Rich

Obedient to his masters in Soonyang, Yoon Hyeon-woo (Song Joong Ki) gets killed after retrieving the slush fund siphoned overseas. 

Waking up, he now lives as Jin Do-jun, the youngest grandson of Soonyang’s Chairman Jin Yang-cheol (Lee Sung Min). Through his competence, he intrigues his grandfather for intending to buy Soonyang.

Attending a law school, he meets Seo Min-yeong (Shin Hyun Bin), whom he has already met as a prosecutor in his life as Hyeon-woo.

Traversing that life and meeting death again as Do-jun, Hyeon-woo wakes up in a hospital. He comes back to Korea and successfully reveals the truth of the past.

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Reborn Rich

See You In My 19th Life

Exceptionally skilled, Ban Ji-eum credits her multi-maven nature to her ability to be reincarnated and remember those reincarnations.

After being reborn to her 19th life as Ban Ji-eum, young Ji-eum is left with no choice but to seek the help of his 17th life niece, Ae-gyeong so she can meet Moon Seo-ha.

Unfortunately, in her 18th life as Yoon Ju-won, she died protecting young Seo-ha with whom she had grown fond of. Since then, he has become her reason to live in her 19th life.

The Golden Spoon

Lee Seung Cheon (Yook Sung Jae) is from a poor family. With his brilliant mind, he managed to study at Seoul Jeil High School, a prestigious school. To earn money, he would do his classmates’ school papers. He also has a part-time job at a convenience store.

Due to poverty, his best friend Jin-seok (Shin Joo Hyup) took his own life the day after his parents. The loan sharks are asking them to pay for their debt. They can’t also afford to settle their bills. At this moment, Seung-cheon was determined to get rich.

Desperate to fulfill his goal, he meets an old lady who sells a golden spoon for 30,000 won. “If you buy this golden spoon, you have the chance to change your parents. All you need to do is eat three meals with this gold spoon at the house of someone your age,” the old lady instructed. He immediately thought of Hwang Tae-yong (Lee Jong Won), the richest student in their school.

Like what the old lady said, the two characters switched lives after the third meal. Seung-cheon and Tae Yong were given three chances: one week, one year, and ten years to decide whether they still wanted their old lives back.

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Golden Spoon

Mr. Queen

A life without women is Casanova’s worst nightmare. Except for Blue House Chef Jang Bong Hwan (Choi Jin Hyuk), the nightmare came in a different form.

After being involved in a work scandal, which led to a freak incident, he found himself waking up in the body of Kim So Yong (Shin Hye Sun), soon-to-be queen of King Cheoljong (Kim Jung Hyun).

There, he on the she-form started getting tangled up with the complicated world of courtly politics and some romance, while hilariously doing his utmost best to return to his original body and world.

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mr queen

Destined With You

Time is running out for Jang Shin-yu who was alerted by his doctor about his rare disease. Advised to leave his job as his medical condition will only get worse, he hangs on to another hope that would free him from a family curse.

Enter Lee Hong-jo who is said to be the person holding the key to a book of spells that can break Shin-yu free from the “bloody red hand monster” that continuously haunts him.

Shin-yu, who used to work for a top law firm, decides to work at Onju City Hall where Hong-jo has also recently got transferred, too.

Meeting again in a few encounters, he presents an old wooden box that only she can open. When it finally opened, it held a book of spells written by a shaman. Shin-yu asks her to give one spell from the books.

When Hong-jo becomes a hot topic after a viral video of her being dumped got caught, she performs a love spell ritual from the book. However, she missed her target and the spell got directed to Shin-yu.

Inevitably, from being under a love spell, Shin-yu found himself falling in love with Hong-jo for real. Along with that, they discover their heartbreaking past that started the curse.

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Destined With You

Perfect Marriage Revenge

Starring Sung Hoon, Jung Yoo Min, Jin Ji Hee and Kang Shin Hyo – based on a popular original web novel of the same title, Perfect Marriage Revenge tells the story of a woman who gains a second chance at life and chooses to get into a contract marriage for revenge.

It was supposed to be just another day when Yi-ju (Jung Yoo Min) witnessed her husband, Se-hyuk (Oh Seung-yeon) profess his love to her sister, Yu-ra (Jin Ji Hee). Tragically, Yi-ju was killed in a fatal car crash while leaving the shocking scene behind.

That wasn’t all that Yi-Ju had discovered that day. She learned an even more shocking truth. That is, her husband only married Yi-Ju to stay close to Yu-ra. With her angelic looks, Yu-ra has been despising and manipulating Yi-ju all these years. Even her parents have been mistreating Yi-ju because she wasn’t their own child but an adopted one.

Legend of the Blue Sea

A mermaid chooses to live in the land out of faith that the man she loves will love her back. It turns out their connection runs deep as they were also lovers in their previous lives.

The fusion of reincarnation plot and the mermaid-human romance appeared trite at its onset, but as the plot thickened, it felt like the mythical element was stronger as the driving point than the real-life premise projected in the story.

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supernatural korean drama

Born Again

The story revolves around three people: two men and a woman. They are not only connected in their existing lives, but they also get the chance to meet each other in their next one.

Jung Ha Eun is the owner of a bookstore called Old Future and suffers from a heart condition. Her reincarnated self is Jung Sa Bin who has a heart transplant and teaches archaeology at a university. Her other job involves bone examination for the National Forensic Service.

Cha Hyung Bin, Ha Eun’s fiance and protector, is a detective in his first life but when he becomes the prosecutor Kim Soo Hyuk, his personality gets colder.

Gong Ji Cheol is framed for a series of murders and while fighting against his already unlucky fate, he falls in love with none other but the sweet and gentle Ha Eun. His emotions are written on his face and this distinguishes him from his traits in the next life as Chun Jong Bum is a person who is unfamiliar with emotions and proper reactions.

The characters get involved with each other as fate brings them together. This is not simply a drama revolving around the feelings they have for each other, but it focuses on the serial killings, which start once again after 30 years.

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Chicago Typewriter

The idea of a real ghost, ghostwriting for a famous novelist suffering from writer’s block, can hook viewers up instantly. It is even more rewarding, owing to the bromance of the male leads which brims with charming humor.

Chicago Typewriter takes pride in balancing romance and friendship, along with the inspiring patriotism message specifically dedicated to the angst of single adults, who are whistle-blowers of a corrupt government.

The ingenious execution of the fictional thread sets a basic rule that the viewers have to accept — the dynamic reincarnation plot that involves a life-affirming friendship between two friends who love the same girl.  The romance is nicely sweetened because it provides an impetus for a love that needs another lifetime to fulfill.

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Bulgasal: The Immortal Soul

On a mission to pursue the bulgasal who got his soul, Hwal gets closer to its newest reincarnation named Sang-un. However, there’s more to his intertwined past with Sang-un. Along with that, another bulgasal, Ok Eul-tae is also keen to end the curse given to him by Hwal.

A thousand years ago, Hwal and Sang-un are peacefully living as a pair of bulgasals. But when Sang-un decides to live with humans because of two siblings she got drawn with, life changed. A crime she did not commit was pinned to her, thereby infuriating her pair and killing the townspeople.

Her pair died and gets reincarnated 600 years later branded by her curse. He reclaims immortality and sets his life to chase after the reincarnations of the woman who stole his soul.

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Bulgasal Immortal Souls

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