Korean media criticized Jennie for abusing her power and talked about her personality controversy

Due to the controversy over abuse of power and controversy over personality… Jennie received harsh criticism from the public for ‘smoking indoors’

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Even though BLACKPINK Jennie apologized for smoking smoking indoors, the public still harshly criticized her for abusing her power and personality

1. There are a lot of celebrities who smoke indoors but Jennie really shocked me by blowing smoke in someone’s face

2. You really shouldn’t trust the image of celebrities

3. I’m not surprised~

4. I was really shocked. She doesn’t care about others… Does she really think she’s a princess?

5. Her personality is so bad

6. Now, when I look at Jennie’s photo, I think the first thing that comes to my mind is her blowing smoke into the employee’s face…

7. Blowing smoke into the employee’s face means she doesn’t even consider the employee a human being

8. I was a bit surprised because it was different from how she appeared on entertainment shows… I thought she would be gentle and polite

9. More than smoking issue, this is personality issue

10. She has a pretty face and her personality is trash

11. I don’t even know why she became famous in the first place, but I hate seeing her even more after this scandal

12. I just feel so sorry for that makeup artist

13. Reminds me of Irene

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