Korean Media Criticizes Netflix For Banning Actors And Staff From Mentioning “Squid Game 2”

Reporters were taken aback upon knowing “Squid Game 2” actors can’t even talk about their upcoming work

It is known that recent interviews with “Squid Game 2” actors and production crew staff were conducted in such an awkward atmosphere. It is because Netflix has banned actors and people involved in the production of “Squid Game 2” from making any comments related to the drama.

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What’s worse is that many actors and staff could only bow their heads and refuse to answer because they are not even allowed to give very general comments, such as “I’m enjoying the filming”, “I selected the work without hesitation”, “Please look forward to the drama”, etc.

Squid Game

Considering the fact that “Squid Game” is a global hit and expectations for Season 2 are very high, banning mentions of the new season is a little excessive. The actors of Season 2 are not able to mention the name “Squid Game” even though their appearances have already been announced officially. 

Even when reporters asked simple questions reflecting the public’s keen interest in “Squid Game 2”, the actors looked embarrassed and went speechless. PR staff also approached the questions from reporters very cautiously and ended up saying ‘Sorry’ all the time.

Squid Game

Of course, Netflix might have been worried that the actors and staff would give spoilers and leak too much information about an unreleased project. However, reporters were always aware of that so they only asked the actors for their simple impressions and comments on “Squid Game 2” to raise viewers’ expectations for the work.

As such, many reporters believe that Netflix’s interference and censorship of “Squid Game 2” has crossed the line. 

Source: Daum