Korean netizens react to the funeral wreaths placed in front of HYBE in real time

Funeral wreaths are placed in front of HYBE in real time

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1. I need to start a truck and wreath business

2. BTS should leave HYBE and start their own company

3. Bang Si Hyuk and Park Ji Won will walk on the flower path~

4. Isn’t this the only thing fans can do?

5. Wow daebak.. fans should also do what they can

6. It’s true that HYBE was wrong, to defeat Min Heejin, they dragged Bangtan into the fight and used them to wage war on public opinion, HYBE deserves to be boycotted

7. I support whatever method is necessary to defeat HYBE

8. Only flower shop owners can make a profit~

9. It’s true that HYBE deserves to be attacked, but it’s funny that BTS fans are like that. They treated BTS well. BTS even became world stars thanks to sajaegi

10. I support defeating HYBE

11. HYBE is not the first to mention malicious issues related to BTS, but don’t they just arise from arguments between fans?

12. Fans can do anything, I support them

13. Isn’t BTS the one who benefits the most from HYBE’s support?

14. BTS will be discharged from the military in a month, so what is this?

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