Korean Reality Show “My Name Is Gabriel” To Debut on Disney+

Several Well-Known Korean Celebrities Experience a Different Life for 72 Hours!

Renowned Korean celebrities step away from their fame for 72 hours of normalcy in My Name Is Gabriel, a new reality show premiering on Disney+ on June 21.

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Constantly in the limelight with starring roles, cover shoots, and headlines, Korean celebrities often find it hard to lead ordinary lives.

In My Name Is Gabriel, some of Korea’s most famous entertainers are taken to different parts of the world to live another person’s life for 72 hours.

Isolated from their friends, family, and publicists, and assigned a new identity by an AI algorithm, the celebrities will travel to places like Chiang Mai, Chongqing, Guadalajara, and Dublin, where they will have to adapt to their new homes, live with a different family, and work at someone else’s job.

The show features actor Park Bo Gum (Reply 1988), actor Ji Chang Wook (The Worst of Evil), comedian Park Myungsoo (Infinite Challenge), actress Yeom Hyeran (The Glory), and TV host Gabee. “My Name Is Gabriel” is produced by the legendary South Korean producer Kim Taeho (Infinite Challenge).

Fans of Korean variety shows can also enjoy other popular series on Disney+, including the first two seasons of The Zone Survival Mission starring Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo, and Kwon Yuri, as well as award-winning series like Moving, A Shop For Killers, Big Bet, and many more exciting Korean and international titles.

My Name Is Gabriel will be available starting June 21, exclusively on Disney+.