Korean Teachers Demand Apology From “7 Escape” Due To Its Portrayal Of Teacher Receiving Bribes

The drama “7 Escape” faces a backlash from teachers for showing scenes of a teacher getting bribed

Episodes 1 and 2 of SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “7 Escape”, which aired on September 15th and 16th, showed art high school teacher Go Myung-ji (Jo Yoon-hee) dealing with a case of students cheating in exams. When student Han Mo-ne (Lee Yoo-bi) gave her a box of diamond bracelets, Myung-ji refused it at first but couldn’t hide her excitement when Mo-ne put it into her pocket. Therefore, she promised to keep Mo-ne’s secret. 

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the escape of the seven

In episode 3, which aired on the 22nd, Myung-ji was seen taking the lead in expelling Bang Da-mi (Jung Ra-el), who knows the secret.

Right after the broadcast of episode 3, the viewers’ bulletin board was filled with criticism.

the escape of the seven

One netizen said, “It’s illegal for teachers to receive even a piece of candy from students, but they are still portraying teachers being bribed openly like this in dramas? This is a malicious distortion of a specific occupational group. SBS should apologize and take responsibility”.

Many teachers, ranging from elementary school teachers to university professors, are complaining about the false depiction of a teacher in “7 Escape”. They angrily commented, “It’s really unpleasant to see the drama portray a teacher receiving bribes. Delete the scenes and all videos containing the scenes if you don’t want to be sued by the teachers’ organization”.

the escape of the seven

In fact, “7 Escape” has caused various controversies due to its provocative topics, such as teenage pregnancy and child abuse. As a result, viewers have filed several complaints to the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

This is also not the first time screenwriter Kim Soon-ok got involved in unfavorable issues due to her revenge dramas. Her previous works “Penthouse” and “The Last Empress” were also controversial.

Source: Daum