Kwanghee directly apologizes to Jung Hae In for accidentally calling his name without honorifics

Kwanghee drew attention as he made an apology to actor Jung Hae In

On September 16th, Kwanghee left a long comment on the SNS account of Jung Hae In.

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kwang hee jung hae in

In his comment, Kwanghee said, “Hello, Jung Hae In-nim. I’m Kwanghee, a friend of Si Wan. Nice to meet you! It’s a bit random to say this. I got excited while Si Wan was talking about his trip with you on Pinggyegyo today, September 16th, so when Si Wan said, ‘I went on a trip with Jung Hae In’, I accidentally referred to you, someone I have never met before, as ‘Jung Hae In’ (without honorifics). I felt so sorry for not adding ‘-nim’ in your name throughout the video so I came here to greet you and express my heart through this comment. That’s all I want to say and have a good day~!”

Kwanghee and Im Si Wan are known as close friends because they were both members of the idol group ZE:A. The two recently appeared on YouTube content “Pinggyego” hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and shared honest talks. 

kwang hee im si wan

In fact, it is considered impolite for Kwanghee to all Jung Hae in’s name without honorifics. However, Kwanghee humbly admitted his mistake and directly apologized to Jung Hae In by leaving a comment on his account.  

This honest and humble side of Kwanghee is another charm that the public likes about him, apart from his bright appearance and witty talks.

Seeing Kwanghee’s apology, netizens commented, “Kwanghee is so cute”, “He’s so brave to admit his fault and make a public apology like that”, “Kwanghee is so mature”, “That’s why Kwanghee is still doing so well”, “He always leaves good impressions on me”, etc.

Source: Daum