Kwon Eunbi After Going Viral With Water Bomb: Over 20 Events Scheduled

Water Bomb Goddess Kwon Eunbi’s popularity is soaring

On September 23rd, Kwon Eunbi appeared on MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interference’ as a guest.

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When asked if she’s been busy lately, Kwon Eunbi replied, “Yes,” and shared her recent activities.

In a subsequent VCR, Kwon Eunbi woke up from her sleep while holding her dog. Even without makeup, she radiated dazzling visuals.

kwon eun bi

She then prepared a special meal mixed with various supplements for her dog before preparing her own meal.

Kwon Eunbi enjoyed a healthy meal of salmon with barley rice. She also introduced her manager, with whom she has been close for 2 years and 6 months, “We’re really close.”

Regarding, Kwon Eunbi’s journey to her first university festival performance as a solo artist, she expressed her excitement, “I’ve never been to one before, so I’m really nervous. I wonder what kind of stories the students like.” Her manager encouraged her, “I think everyone will love the stage you’ve prepared.”

Kwon Eunbi revealed, “I have over 20 domestic and international festivals and events scheduled,” confirming her sizzling popularity. While driving, she spotted fans waiting for her and stopped the car to interact with them warmly, even taking selfies together.

Taking the stage, Kwon Eunbi wowed the audience with a stunning performance, displaying a complete transformation from her casual daily self to an idol with top charisma. She received explosive cheers from the audience with powerful live vocals and dance performances, singing ‘Underwater’ and ‘The Flash.’

kwon eun bi

After the performance, Kwon Eunbi returned home and invited fellow celebrities she had become close to through variety shows over for dinner. Blushing in response to her colleagues’ compliments, such as “Eunbi appears on portal sites without fail,” she humbly answered a question about what it’s like to live as a superstar with, “I don’t think of it that way.”

Finally, when asked about her money management method, Kwon Eunbi replied, “I do everything myself. I’ve seen many cases of financial losses due to scams or investments, so I thought, ‘I should manage my money directly. I shouldn’t entrust it to anyone.”

Kwon Eunbi will hold her ‘2023 Kwon Eunbi 3rd Concert ‘QUEEN” at the Seoul Bluesquare Mastercard Hall on October 7th and 8th, where she will meet global fans in person.

Source: daum