Kwon Eunbi “I wore a bikini for the first time at Waterbomb”

Singer Kwon Eunbi revealed anecdotes about her Waterbomb costume

On Sep 14th, a video featuring Kwon Eunbi was posted on the YouTube channel “Pulmureungdowon”.

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In the video, Kwon Eunbi revealed anecdotes from the time of Waterbomb. MC Oking mentioned, “When it comes to Kwon Eunbi, the thing that can’t be left out is Waterbomb.” Kwon Eunbi replied, “I was just trying to have fun.

kwon eun bi

She continued, “Since everyone else wears bikinis, I can’t wear fur clothes or padding alone, right? It was to match the atmosphere.”

Kwon Eunbi went on to say, “I wore a bikini for the first time at Waterbomb. I don’t normally wear bikinis. Even when I go out to play, I usually wear rashguards, sportswear or pilates clothes. I practiced (because it was my first time wearing a bikini).”

kwon eun bi

She added, “Because water could splash and I might not be able to handle it, there could be accidents. While showering, I tried spraying water like Waterbomb and dancing alone.”

She shared, “After Waterbomb, my fans have diversified from teenagers to people in their 50s. A lot of people recognize me.”

Source: Nate