Kwon Eunbi’s New Album Drops Before ‘Water Bomb’ Madness

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In a recent Star News report dated May 10th, Kwon Eunbi, known as the “Water Bomb Goddess,” is set to make waves in the music industry once again with the upcoming release of her new album this summer.

Sources close to the artist reveal that Eunbi is in the final stages of preparation, aiming for a mid-June release for her new album. The focus is on selecting tracks that will capture the essence of summer, promising fans a refreshing musical experience.

Eunbi’s last musical venture was the special single ‘Like Heaven’ in October last year, following the success of her debut single “The Flash” in August. Her return after an 8-month hiatus has sparked excitement among her dedicated fanbase.

Eunbi’s association with the “Water Bomb” festival has been a significant milestone in her career. Last year, she captivated audiences with her performance and stage presence, earning her the moniker “Summer Queen.”

Her song “Underwater,” released in January 2022, soared to the top of music charts following her appearance at the festival.

In addition to her album release, fans can look forward to seeing Eunbi in action at “Water Bomb Seoul 2024” in July. The festival, known for its unique blend of water play and music performances, is set to showcase Eunbi’s talents once again on a grand stage.

With her reputation as the “Water Bomb Goddess” and “Summer Queen,” anticipation is high for the style and themes Eunbi will bring to her latest musical offering this summer.

Meanwhile, At a recent production presentation for the new show “When I Opened My Eyes OOO,” Kwon Eun-bi reminisced about her time in IZONE and expressed her hopes for former member Choi Yena.

She highlighted their enduring friendship and suggested that if Yena had been the leader, she would have missed out on certain experiences, underscoring the deep bonds formed in the group.

Eun-bi expressed her desire for Yena to become the leader of IZONE once again, emphasizing the potential for growth and new experiences in leadership roles. “When I Opened My Eyes OOO” promises a unique blend of romance, humor, and introspection, and fans eagerly anticipate Eun-bi’s contributions to the show. Additionally, Eun-bi recently surprised fans with bikini photos, revealing a hidden tattoo and confidently shutting down haters.