Le Sserafim embroiled in rising sun flag controversy

Article: From rising sun flags to Dokdo? Le Sserafim receives explosive criticism over pro-Japanese elements in content

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Source: Top Star News via Nate

[+264, -5] It’s over for them. Farewell.

[+165, -1] All this time, no one cared enough for this to get enough attention or even for anyone to notice it but now it can’t be unseen. The 1945 Project was real, freedom for all. 

– [+31, -1] I remember writing a comment about how that clip in the MV looked like the rising sun and I got a ton of hate for it

[+129, -3] So sick of Hybe dealing with everyone by just threatening lawsuits

[+98, -1] It just keeps getting deeper the deeper you dig, even when you think there couldn’t possibly be more

[+78, -2] All while at the center of their live singing controversy… how unfortunate, it’s really the end for them now

[+21, -0] We’d be foaming at the mouth if a Japanese girl group was doing this so for a Korean entertainment to be putting out a girl group with more Korean members than not pulling this crap.. I’m speechless ㅋ

[+20, -1] Has this been a Bang Shi Hyuk vs Min Hee Jin, Japan vs Korea battle all along?

[+15, -0] I think Le Sserafim has spent all their lives… they enjoyed too much thanks to their large agency for how little they actually deserved

[+13, -1] New Jeans, you guys win..

[+12, -0] They crossed way over the line. The rising sun motif changes everything.

[+11, -0] It’s over

[+4, -0] As if the Coachella scandal wasn’t bad enough… there was more. I had no idea.