LE SSERAFIM Fans Fuming as Wiki Page Turns Toxic — What’s Behind the Backlash?

Netizens were left reeling after stumbling upon the Namu Wiki page of LE SSERAFIM, a popular South Korean group, which was marred by a string of derogatory remarks.

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In a recent discovery, online users were taken aback by the hostile language adorning the concluding segment of LE SSERAFIM’s profile on Namu Wiki, a platform akin to Wikipedia but tailored for a Korean audience.

A Venomous Verdict

The last paragraph of the entry spared no one, unleashing scathing critiques on the members’ vocal abilities. Particularly, Sakura, despite her extensive decade-long career in Japan, was lambasted for her purportedly subpar singing prowess and lackluster Korean pronunciation.


Hong Eunchae faced accusations of delivering performances akin to suppressing a burp, while Kazuha was not spared from criticisms regarding her vocal aptitude.

Netizen Outcry

The vitriolic nature of the commentary prompted a wave of shock and condemnation from netizens, who viewed the remarks as excessive and unwarranted.

While some acknowledged the group’s imperfections, they argued that the tone and language used crossed the line into outright hostility.

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Among the sea of disapproval, a minority voiced agreement with certain aspects of the critique. Acknowledging the validity of some criticisms, they nonetheless expressed discomfort with the overarching negativity permeating the discourse.

Voices from the Cyber Sphere

Netizens took to the comment section to air their grievances, with sentiments ranging from disbelief to outright indignation:

  • “That is literally a paragraph filled with hate comments”
  • “It’s true that their skills are lacking, but this is taking it too far”
  • “To use words like “deplorable” and describing a singing skill to be like suppressing a burp is unnecessary..”
  • “Anyone who agrees with the wiki description must be haters. It’s really unnecessary to write hateful things like this”
  • “Huh, but Sakura’s Korean pronunciation is indeed incomprehensible though”

In recent news, LE SSERAFIM’s “EASY” music video, shot in a church, stirred controversy online.

Critics argued it was disrespectful due to the group’s attire and choreography, which some deemed inappropriate for a religious setting. The incorporation of Christian symbols in the video also drew backlash.

However, defenders pointed out the church’s history as a filming location, citing other artists who had used it similarly without criticism. The debate over whether the choice was disrespectful or permissible continues among netizens.