LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin’s Live Vocals Spark Debate Among K-Netz: ‘She’s Good At Singing, But..’

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Here’s what people are talking about.

On May 27, K-netz established an online forum that discussed the singing talent of LE SSERAFIM member Huh Yunjin. In the thread, the author uploaded a video clip of Yunjin singing “Think of Me” from the “Phantom of the Opera” on the variety show “Knowing Bros.”

The author then claimed that if viewed closely, Yunjin would be considered above average when it comes to singing. However, OP expressed frustration over Yunjin’s vocals in LE SSERAFIM’s songs and commented that the group’s singing style doesn’t match her abilities.


 “If you watch her video on ‘Knowing Bros,’ she’s above average among idols,” OP shared. “I don’t understand why she’s just unable to sing her group’s songs.

The author added, “Maybe it’s because the style of singing doesn’t fit her?

In the comments section, K-netz conveyed their thoughts on the matter. They conveyed mixed takes regarding Yunjin’s vocal abilities, with some mentioning factors such as her technique’s compatibility with LE SSERAFIM’s songs, singing style, and pitch.

Meanwhile, some netizens laid out constructive criticism regarding her vocalization, while others brought up her past covers that fully highlighted her singing abilities and vocal tone. Unfortunately, others disagreed with the praises.

Read their comments below:

  • “I also think the same.”
  • “But Knowing Bros edits their videos; in reality, she’s probably lead vocal level.”
  • “Huh Yunjin is pretty good. She sounded bad at Coachella because it didn’t match her vocalization.”
  • “I felt that she was good on Produce though. I think that her voice just doesn’t match LE SSERAFIM’s pitch
  • “Yunjin is good at singing. If only they had one main vocalist to hold it all together, they would really soar.”
  • “I think that she’s still lacking to be considered the main vocal but if she practiced her vocalization and matched the pitch more, she would be acknowledged as the main vocal.”
  • “If you watch her ‘Yes or No’ recording, you’ll see that she’s freaking good.”


  • “She’s good at singing but I feel like she lacks the fundamentals? It’s weird but she’s not completely good yet.”
  • “Sorry, but she’s not above average among idols.”
  • “If you watch her live, her pitch is always off. I haven’t seen her sing on key once.”

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In a separate platform, netizens were also mixed in their opinions:

  • “Because for a ‘main vocalist,’ she’s kind of average and unstable live.”
  • “Her voice is nice and full and has potential, but it feels like she doesn’t have the foundation or just has bad ears?”
  • “People just had a high expectation because of the whole opera background. Which was overhyped.”
  • “She was okay-good before LSF songs and now she’s usually bad in lives. It’s partially the range of the songs.”
  • “You shouldn’t use edited vocals to judge someone’s ability (the ones posted here). You can hear her singing raw on her own live videos sometimes.”
  • “She is not bad or tone-deaf but she needs to sing in her range and not be lazy about it. She has potential unlike 3 of her members.”

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