LE SSERAFIM Smart MV Review: Visually Stunning with Mesmerising Moves This B-Side Track is Addictive

The highly anticipated and eagerly awaited LE SSERAFIM Smart MV has finally been released! Fans have been clamouring for this music video ever since the release of their 3rd mini album, EASY. From the moment the album dropped, fans were buzzing with requests for a visual accompaniment to this electrifying track. It’s not just the energetic and infectious Afrobeat sound that captured everyone’s attention; it’s also the irresistibly catchy beat that instantly won over listeners.

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LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) stands as a dynamic quintet, comprised of five exceptionally talented individuals: Sakura, the spirited leader; Kim Chae-won, whose charm is irresistible; Huh Yun-jin, whose presence is captivating; Kazuha, shrouded in mystery; and the magnetic Hong Eun-chae. Through their visually captivating music video, LE SSERAFIM effortlessly enthrals audiences with their mesmerising dance routines set against the vibrant backdrop of a desert gathering.

LE SSERAFIM Smart MV Review: Visually Stunning with Mesmerising Moves This B-Side Track is Addictive


The music video for the song unfolds with a captivating scene featuring Huh Yun-jin leisurely enjoying a cup of coffee, dressed in a school uniform. However, as the melodious strains of the music fill the air, the visuals undergo a mesmerising transformation. Suddenly, the backdrop bursts into a riot of colours, with vivid hues enveloping the screen, setting the stage for a dynamic display of choreography.

Amidst this kaleidoscope of imagery, the members of the group emerge, each adorned in vibrant attire, their movements synchronised to the beat of the song’s infectious rhythm. This choreographic masterpiece isn’t merely a performance; it’s a cultural phenomenon in the making. The signature hook step showcased in the video has sparked a frenzy of dance challenges across various short-form platforms, including YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, captivating audiences worldwide with its irresistible energy and charm.

LE SSERAFIM Smart MV Review: Visually Stunning with Mesmerising Moves This B-Side Track is AddictiveLE SSERAFIM Smart MV Review: Visually Stunning with Mesmerising Moves This B-Side Track is Addictive

Delving deeper into the essence of Smart Music Video, it’s not just the catchy choreography that has captured the hearts of fans—it’s the profound resonance of its lyrics with the overarching message of the EASY album that truly leaves a lasting impression. Positioned strategically as the penultimate track on the album, the song serves as more than just a musical interlude; it’s a powerful declaration of LE SSERAFIM’s unwavering determination and boundless ambition.

Through its lyrics, the song encapsulates the essence of resilience and self-assurance, affirming the group’s steadfast belief in their ability to overcome challenges and emerge victorious. In a music industry saturated with saccharine love ballads and fleeting trends, the message conveyed by LE SSERAFIM feels like a breath of fresh air—a testament to the enduring power of authenticity and self-belief.

Beyond its visual spectacle and lyrical depth, the impact of the song extends far beyond the confines of digital platforms. As a B-side track, it has been making waves on the music charts as well. The song’s meteoric rise is evidenced by its historic entry into Spotify’s prestigious Weekly Top Songs Global chart, where it claimed the 134th spot for the week of February 23 to 29, 2024.

This remarkable achievement marks a watershed moment for LE SSERAFIM members, signalling their arrival on the global stage with an album track that has resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. Moreover, the song’s ascent on the Melon Daily Chart further solidifies its status as a bona fide hit, currently holding steady at the 91st position as of March 3, 2024. With each passing day, the song continues to climb the ranks, poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry and cement the group’s legacy as trailblasers in their own right.

LE SSERAFIM Smart Music Video

YouTube videoYouTube video

LE SSERAFIM 3rd mini album is now available for streaming on Spotify, YouTube Music, and other platforms.

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