LE SSERAFIM Star Stirs Controversy with Provocative Outfit — ‘What’s wrong with…’

In the spotlight of LE SSERAFIM’s album showcase for EASY, member Huh Yunjin’s wardrobe choice ignited a storm of criticism and debate on February 19.

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The idol’s decision to don a bra top paired with unbuckled jean shorts, revealing boxer shorts underneath, sparked immediate backlash from fans and netizens alike.

Controversy Unleashed

As the showcase unfolded, all eyes turned to Huh Yunjin and her daring ensemble, which quickly became the focal point of online discourse.

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The brazen outfit, with its unmistakable nod to lingerie and unconventional layering of men’s boxer shorts beneath tight jean shorts, triggered a wave of disapproval from Korean netizens.

Online Backlash

The reactions flooded in swiftly, with many expressing disbelief and disappointment at what they perceived as a misstep by both the idol and the group’s stylist.

Comments ranged from questioning the appropriateness of the attire to critiquing its potential implications for the group’s image and message.

(Photo : theqoo)

Netizens’ Reactions

Here are the comments from fans as they react to Huh Yunjin’s outfit choice:

“She would have been prettier if she hadn’t worn the panties… The panties were too big and the pants were too tight.”
“What the heck… it’s not pretty.”
“Feels like I’m wearing dad’s underwear”
“…Pantyboy fashion isn’t much of a thing, but if you’re going to do it, at least give it a pretty color or something like that.”
“I know what kind of fashion it is, but… is it a trend these days to have crinkly panties?”
“What’s wrong with her?”
“Their music is okay, but I end up not liking them when I see them because their style seems to cater to toxic men.”
“WTF? Is this right?”
“Who wears boxer trunks underneath tight jean shorts? Also, she is wearing a men’s underwear brand.”
“Why are they doing this? What good will come of a girl group idol who goes viral for her panties?”
“I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. What is wrong with her?”
“I see your underwear.”
“Isn’t that men’s underwear?”

In recent news, LE SSERAFIM member Yunjin caused a stir by sporting a “no-pants” look in a teaser video for their upcoming album.

(Photo : instagram)

While some praised her confidence and style, others raised concerns about appropriateness and influence on younger fans. The trend, popularized by international supermodels and K-pop idols, highlights ongoing debates about objectification and freedom of expression in girl group fashion.