LE SSERAFIM’s Agency Threatens Legal Action Against False Rumors & Malicious Posts — See Official Statement

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SOURCE MUSIC plans to take legal action against false rumors and malicious posts made towards LE SSERAFIM.

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SOURCE MUSIC Announces Legal Action Against False Rumors & Malicious Posts Made Towards LE SSERAFIM

On April 26, SOURCE MUSIC released an official statement, which announced the agency’s plans to take legal action against individuals who generate false information and ill-intended posts online.

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According to the post made on fan platform Weverse, SOURCE MUSICE expressed its concern regarding the surge of false information and disrespectful comments about LE SSERAFIM on social media.

The agency shared that its findings included one-sided remarks, insults, sexual harassment, defamation, and character slander. With these alarming results, the agency decided to implement strict measures to protect LE SSERAFIM’s rights.

A post shared by instagram

SOURCE MUSIC then asked for the cooperation of fans and encouraged them to report any malicious posts online to its official hotline. The agency then thanked fans for their love and dedication to the group.

The company concluded its statement by enforcing everyone to refrain from stirring up controversy and assured that it will do its best to protect LE SSERAFIM.

Read the full statement below:

“Hello. This is SOURCE MUSIC.

Firstly, we would like to relay our concerns about the unfortunate instances involving the spread of false rumors and disrespectful comments, alongside the mention of other artists’ real names,

We strongly request that such incidents are not to be tolerated and are not to be repeated in the future. As a result, numerous malicious posts and reckless speculations are occurring based on one-sided claims and inaccurate facts.

We are here to inform you that malicious posts against LE SSERAFIM, including insults, spread of false information, sexual harassment, malicious slander, ridicule, and defamation, are reaching a serious level. Because of this, we will strengthen the legal response necessary to protect our artists.

The false claims suggesting that LE SSERAFIM has caused harm to other artists and the act of forming public opinion by presenting untrue accusations as facts are clear dissemination of false information.

Ridicule, abusive language, posts that insult the artist’s character, and sexual harassment, are all subject to complaint and punishable by law.

As our artists’ personal rights are being violated, we would like to reiterate our plan to take strict legal action against malicious posts regardless of which social media platform or online community they’re posted in.

We are also actively utilizing valuable reports from fans through the SOURCE MUSIC legal response account (protect@sourcemusic.com). We are always grateful to our fans for their love and dedication to LE SSERAFIM.

We sincerely ask you to refrain from making malicious acts towards artists and we will do our best to protect their rights.

Thank you.”

**] Israel Monte