LE SSERAFIM’s Encore Performance Today after Winning 1st Place at MCountdown


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-They’re not that bad, not a disaster, but the comments are flooding in.

-Every time I watch the encore stage of idols, I feel like if they miss it once, they’ll be criticized to death. That’s why they seem more nervous and anxious, because if they fail here, they’ll get criticized againㅠㅠㅠ

-Huh Yunjin is surprisingly good.. She stands out as the best…

-They seem too nervous…

-Why are there so many comments? Seems like people just wanted to criticize them. Congrats on 1st place!

-They didn’t do great, but it wasn’t a complete failure either… It seems like there’s a need for improvement in live vocal skills… LE SSERAFIM, fighting…! Congratulations on 1st place!

-Since they’re always criticized, they might hesitate to sing without heavy backing tracks. It’s a great song when performed with a performance, but listening to just the song alone feels a bit lacking…

-I just wish they wouldn’t have these kinds of live performances. 

-Sakura’s dancing skills have really improved.. but her vocal tone still feels shaky.

-It doesn’t seem like a song that would showcase vocal ability.. but I like it anyway.

-The melody itself completely kills Huh Yunjin’s vocal charm… It’s charming when she belts out the notes ㅠ

-Looking at how shaky Sakura’s voice is even when speaking, it makes me wonder if it’s a vocal cord issue… It seems frustrating and complex for her as well, but it’s probably not a problem that can be solved by practicing blindly on her own. It would be good if they could address vocal issues, aside from singing.

-Compared to last time, it seems like they’ve improved a bit this time.

-Yunjin and Chaewon always do well, and it seems like Kazuha’s skills have improved.

-It’s kind of average, but thinking that this song is easy to perform live because there are no high notes is a mistake. Singing on trap beats with R&B techniques to keep the rhythm is not easy.

-The notes are too low, it’s difficult to perform live.

-It’s difficult to sing well due to the song being too low for female vocals