Le Sserafim’s Kazuha sparks dating rumors with &TEAM’s K

Article: Le Sserafim’s Kazuha dating &TEAM’s K?

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[+103] Why’s everyone getting into dating scandals lately… whoa whoa, let’s all calm down

[+52] Okay, well, fans aren’t going to take this well then

[+42] What in the nugu is &TEAM?

[+35] Wow, off topic but Kazuha’s so pretty..😮😮

[+23] I mean, I don’t know that I’d consider the Shukan Bunshun a credible source ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+23] I understand it comes with the job but it must be so exhausting to have to worry about dating scandals every time you want to just see someone

[+19] Never thought I’d see the day that I see a K-Pop idol on Shukan Bunshun

[+17] I mean, all this over just a hat and a meal together?

[+10] Perhaps she should be focusing more on her singing skills in that time…

[+5] What if they’re just close friends…? I don’t know that Kazuha seems the type to be getting into dating scandals at this point in her career..

[+3] This is that male idol that called it the Sea of Japan

[+2] Hybe already denied it