LE SSERAFIM’s Malicious Commenters Fined 2 Million Won? Strong Response to the End

On June 7, LE SSERAFIM’s agency, Source Music, issued an official notice regarding their lawsuit against malicious commenters.

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The full notice is as below:

“Hello, this is Source Music.

First, we sincerely apologize for any concern caused to fans who care for and love Le Sserafim due to the recent incidents.

We previously announced that we would strengthen our legal response to protect our artists’ rights due to the severe level of malicious posts directed at LE SSERAFIM.

le sserafim

Accordingly, we are providing an early update on our current strong legal actions and subsequent developments ahead of the regular announcement scheduled for the first half of 2024. We ask for your understanding that immediate sharing of the situation has been difficult due to the extensive time required for gathering evidence and submitting complaints.

We have been monitoring malicious posts and comments across all channels, including domestic and international social accounts and online communities related to our artists. In this process, we utilized all possible means to collect evidence with the help of numerous professionals, including domestic and international law firms and fan reports.

As a result, we compiled a large amount of posts and comments and submitted complaints to investigative agencies for charges such as insult, defamation under the Information and Communications Network Act, and sexual harassment under the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Crimes. We continue to monitor and collect evidence. All forms of malicious slander, false information, personal attacks, derogatory terms, and crude comments are included in the legal actions.

The posts and comments subject to the lawsuit include those on portal sites and communities such as Naver, Pann Nate, Theqoo, DC Inside, Instiz, Ilgan Best, and social media platforms. We also submitted complaints to investigative agencies against malicious posts and comments and channel operators on international platforms.

We are informing you of the results of some ongoing lawsuits. The investigation into those who wrote malicious posts or comments on communities has been prolonged. The act of writing these malicious posts or comments has been recognized as a crime, resulting in multiple defendants being criminally punished with fines up to 2 million won.

le sserafim

It takes several months to over a year from submitting a complaint and investigation to legal judgment and case closure. We will continue to make ongoing efforts to eradicate criminal acts against our artists, no matter how long it takes. We will respond strongly without leniency in cases that infringe on our artists’ rights.

We are always grateful for the love and dedication from Le Sserafim fans. We ask for your continued active reports and interest through the Source Music legal response account.

Source Music will continue to strive to protect the rights of our artists.”

Source: Naver