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One of the biggest drawbacks of LE SSERAFIM is the widespread criticism that the members’ live singing skills are significantly lacking. Sakura, whose career spans over 10 years including activities in Japan, is often criticized for her lack of vocal ability, especially her Korean pronunciation, which is deemed incomprehensible without reading the lyrics. Hong Eun-chae exhibits unstable vocal technique, and she has been criticized for avoiding live performances, particularly during encore stages on music shows. Kazuha has also faced criticism multiple times due to her inadequate vocal ability. These shortcomings are particularly emphasized when juxtaposed with their pursuit of strong musicality, leading to criticism that their skills do not match their bold attitude and fierce image.
The content under debate is being revised.
-If you truly love the fans, please practice.
-No matter how much they practice, it seems like singing is not their strong suit. Even members who are not good at dancing manage to perform well with practice, but singing seems to have its limits no matter how much they practice…
-No… even ordinary people improve their singing with vocal lessons.
-Let’s practice singing… Singers should improve their singing skills over time, why aren’t they improving, why do they stay the same?
-Make some effort for the fans.
-Well, there are things that can be improved through practice and things that can’t. Not everything works out just by making an effort. 
-Why go this far?
-They live in the HYBE building, exercise, knit, dance, but they don’t practice singing at all
-Sigh, why go that far…
-They’re trying to erase the history of their bad live performances…
-They’re not practicing. Vocal skills improve with practice, but there’s no improvement? They’re just not practicing.
-The more they do that, the more backlash they’ll face.
-Seriously, practice singing a bit…
-The songs are good, but not being able to perform live is a fact.
-Cut down on the lip-syncing.