Leaked Video Of BLACKPINK Lisa And Family Dining With Frédéric Arnault Goes Viral

A video capturing the gathering between BLACKPINK Lisa’s family members and rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault has gained attention 

On the evening of October 3rd (local time), a video from BLACKPINK Lisa‘s dinner with billionaire heir Frédéric Arnault in Paris, France was posted on social media. Notably, Lisa’s family was also present. 

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In the video, Frédéric Arnault is seen chatting merrily with one of Lisa’s relatives. The relative even gave Lisa’s rumored boyfriend a warm hug. The video goes viral, with fans commenting that it looks like Lisa’s family really adores Frédéric. Lisa’s mother also appeared close to Frédéric.

Lisa sat next to Frédéric at the restaurant on October 1st. 
The video capturing the interaction between Frédéric Arnault and Lisa’s family members was shared on October 3rd

Since her arrival in France on September 24th, Frédéric Arnault has continued to be seen with Lisa. As soon as Lisa landed in Paris, Frédéric prepared a security guard and a luxury car to pick her up.

Frédéric Arnault also came to support Lisa at two performances at Crazy Horse on September 28th and 30th. The couple appeared in the same frame at the after-party following Lisa’s final performance. Lisa and Frédéric were also caught attending the birthday party of singer Rosalía in France.

The couple attended the birthday party of singer Rosalía not long ago
On October 1st, Lisa and Frédéric Arnault appeared in the same frame at the after-party following Lisa’s final Crazy Horse performance

Source: K14