Lee Byung Hun Reveals New ‘Sideline’ – Is He Quitting Acting?

Lee Byung Hun surprised his fans with an unexpected update as he joins the “Concrete Utopia” cast at the Toronto International Film Festival 2023. 

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The dystopian thriller movie joins the list of 5 Korean films featured at the 2023 TIFF. Running from September 7 to 17, South Korea is represented by selected top-notch films for the Best International Feature Film, which include “A Normal Family” directed by Hur Jin Ho, “Smugglers” by Ryu Seung Wan, “Sleep” directed by Jason Yu, and “Mimang by Kim Taeyang.

As the cast members enjoyed their experience at one of the most sought-after film festivals, Lee Byung Hun posted a sneak peek of behind the scenes during the event. 

Lee Byung Hun Instagram Features His ‘New Work’

On Lee Byung Hun’s Instagram, the award-winning star pokes fun at himself, hinting about changing careers or possibly working double jobs besides being an actor. 

In a series of posts, the South Korean top star was spotted helping his female co-stars in the preparation for the ceremony. 

Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Young

(Photo : Lee Byung Hun Instagram)

Lee Byung Hun and Park Ji Hu

(Photo : Lee Byung Hun Instagram)

Lee Byung Hun posted a photo with Park Bo Young retouching her makeup while the actor was photographed fixing Park Ji Hu’s dress for the event. 

“Two jobs,” he wrote, making netizens and followers laugh at his recent IG post. 

Apart from expressing how they enjoyed Lee Byung Hun’s Instagram spoof, some of the fans revealed their encounter with the top star during the 2023 TIFF.

Users mentioned that the Korean star was so generous with his time on the red carpet, suggesting that he stopped and briefly interacted with the crowd.

In addition, fans also mentioned that they loved and enjoyed watching “Concrete Utopia,” praising the cast lineup and the interesting story.

‘Concrete Utopia’ Premiers in 152 Countries

Concrete Utopia

(Photo : Lotte Entertainment)

Released on August 9, “Concrete Utopia” is a disaster thriller movie that stars Lee Byung Hun as Young Tak. After the city fell into crumbles due to a natural disaster, he acted as the leader who was responsible for protecting the survivors of the Hwang Goong Apartment, especially from outsiders. 

Joining him is Min Sung, played by Park Seo Joon, a salaryman who becomes Young Tak’s right hand.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young stars as Park Seo Joon’s on-screen wife, Myung Hwa, a former nurse who used her knowledge to help her fellow survivors. 

Joining the trio are Park Ji Hu from “All of Us Are Dead” and Kim Sun Young from “Crash Landing on You” and “The Silent Sea.”

Interestingly, apart from its local screening in South Korea, “Concrete Utopia” is also available in 152 countries, including Italy, France, and the majority of Asian territories, like Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, and more.