Lee Chaeyeon “Seventeen Dino and I have the same ancestor”, Lee Eun Ji “There must be dancing DNA”

Singer Lee Chaeyeon unveiled the story behind the “Let’s Dance” challenge with Seventeen Dino.

Lee Chaeyeon appeared as a guest on KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza”, which aired on September 11th.

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Lee Chaeyeon released her first single “The Move: Street” on September 6th. The title song “Let’s Dance” is a dance song that combines the Moombahton genre and the House genre.

lee Chaeyeon lee eun ji

Lee Eun Ji asked, “The ‘Let’s Dance’ challenge videos are being released. It’s fun to watch. Seventeen Dino stood out. ‘Whenever I dance with you, I have to dance harder. Don’t dance lightly, and please continue to take good care of me in the future.’ Did you write it yourself?

Lee Chaeyeon replied, “When I dance with him, it looks like we’re competing with each other. He was slightly in front and I was behind, and he danced so hard that his hair was shaking. I put in a lot of effort without even realizing it. I danced harder than I did on stage.”

Lee Chaeyeon caused laughter by revealing, “The funny thing is, we come from the same Lee clan. We have the same ancestor. I was surprised.” Lee Eun Ji said, “There must be dancing DNA.”

Source: Daum