Lee Chung-ah Reveals Friends’ Reactions To Her Appearance In ‘My Dearest 2’

Actress Lee Chung-ah said she received lots of messages after joining “My Dearest 2” cast

On November 2nd, ESQUIRE Korea uploaded a video titled, “Story behind Lee Chung-ah receiving a message attack because of ‘My Dearest’?”.

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In the video, Lee Chung-ah revealed her whereabouts, saying “I finished filming ‘Hyde’ not long ago and I’m still filming ‘My Dearest’, an ongoing drama that is doing well”.

Next, she said, “‘My Dearest’ has many fans. After my appearance in ‘My Dearest’ was announced, I received message attacks from three people at the same time. A sister who is close to me, my university friend, and middle school friend. They kept asking me about the behind story of the drama”, adding “I posted a photo with the caption ‘giljakkki’ and it means ‘I’m sorry’”, drawing laughter.

In addition, Lee Chung-ah shared, “ I’ve been to ‘My Dearest’ filming site these days. Grass and mud are all over the place. That’s why I’m wearing GORE-TEX and Vibram Sole sneakers”.

She continued, “To briefly explain ‘My Dearest Part 2’, I would say it’s an interesting sweet potato, a roasted sweet potato, a hot and breathtaking sweet potato”.

The actress emphasized, “I’m filming the drama hoping that it will have a satisfying ending”.

Source: Nate