Lee Do Hyun Makes Unconventional Transformation for His Debut Movie ‘Exhuma’

Lee Do Hyun piqued the viewers’ curiosity with his challenging transformation for his debut movie “Exhuma.”

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‘Exhuma’ Update: Lee Do Hyun Transforms Into Bold, Charming Shaman

Lee Do Hyun
(Photo : Showbox )

Despite being in the military, Lee Do Hyun’s acting career continues as he is about to make his long-awaited big-screen debut. In preparation for his first film, Showbox Entertainment dropped Lee Do Hyun’s character stills, giving the audience a sneak peek of his role as a shaman. 

Lee Do Hyun has shown a strong presence with excellent character digestion in various works. This 2024, he will show off another unconventional appearance as he transforms into a shaman named Bong Gil. 

“Exhuma” is an occult mystery film that depicts the story of strange events that occur to undertakers, geomancers, and shamans who relocate a suspicious grave in exchange for a large amount of money.

Bong Gil recites rituals, and a new shaman who travels with Hwa Rim (Kim Go Eun), a shaman who saved him from illness. 

Jang Jae Hyun Praises Lee Do Hyun’s Performance in ‘Exhuma’

Lee Do Hyun
(Photo : Showbox )

Regarding his upcoming role, Lee Do Hyun plans to show a transformation that has never been seen before, with the visual of tattoos all over his body and the appearance of him reciting sutras (a brief scripture that contains expressions of belief and wisdom from religious teachings).

Jang Jae Hyun, director of the film shared that Lee Do Hyun did a great job in immersing himself in the character of Bong Gil.

“I think Lee Do Hyun had a 180% synchronization rate with Bong Gil. His modern appearance and charisma match well with his role, that’s why we were able to achieve such good synergy.”

Pamyo Still
(Photo : JTBC | Showbox)
Lee Do Hyun

The director also said that the “18 Again” star was able to handle difficult scenes with pure acting. He raised expectations by saying, “Lee Do Hyun has an incredible ability to complete things professionally.”

Lee Do Hyun Expected to Charm Viewers With His New Role

The actor who is ready to enthuse the audience is expected to captivate fans by showing off his strong and fierce charm in this project.

“Exhuma” is one of the highly-anticipated works of Lee Do Hyun as it marks his big screen debut. The movie is set to meet the audience in cinemas beginning February 22.

Other stars to anticipate in the film are Kim Go Eun, Choi Min Sik, and Yoo Hae Jin. 

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