Lee Do Hyun Supremacy! Industry Insider Reveals Why the‘Sweet Home’ Star is ‘Irreplaceable’

Lee Do Hyun never fails to impress the public with his charm and remarkable characters, as he delivers impressive portrayals of various characters.

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From rom-coms to revenge dramas to thriller mystery genres, the South Korean hearthrob showcases his versatility and amazing acting spectrum.

With this, industry insiders were fascinated with his acting talent, noting him as an irreplaceable actor of his generation.

Lee Do Hyun Enlistment

In a report cited by Star News, Lee Do Hyun gained attention after his label confirmed his enlistment.

Lee Do Hyun
(Photo : Naver)

The actor received a high praise from an industry insider who mentioned that he is among the stars who is irreplaceable. 

 “Some say that there is no actor who can replace Lee Do Hyun in a similar age group. As his scope of activity has expanded from OTT to the screen during his military service, he is an actor who can walk a solid path even after being discharged from the military.”

Back in August 2023, Lee Do Hyun’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment, released a statement confirming the news about his upcoming military plans.

In an official statement, the South Korean actor said he “will fulfill his military duty through ROKAF’s (Republic of Korea Air Force) military band.”

This was after he received his basic military training on August 14.

Interestingly, the 28-year-old actor will fulfill his 18-month military sentence and is expected to be discharged in 2025.

However, due to Lee Do Hyun’s enlistment, fans would not be able to see the actor for a while, hence his gap in the industry.

Lee Do Hyun’s ‘Sweet Home 2’ Cameo + New Movie ‘Exhuma’

Despite his brief absence in the limelight, the actor made a surprise appearance in Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home” season 2.

Released in December 2023, Lee Do Hyun reprised his role as Lee Eun Hyuk and appeared in the sequel with Go Min Si in episodes 2 and 8.

Interestingly, he is scheduled to appear in “Sweet Home” season 3, which will premiere in the first half of 2024.

Excitement rises as viewers get to see his reunion with the original and new cast members.

Apart from the upcoming release of “Sweet Home 3,” Lee Do Hyun headlines his movie comeback, “Exhuma.”

Taking on the role of young rising shaman Bong Gi along with his partner Hwa Rim, played by Kim Go Eun, the forthcoming film is his first lead role on the big screen.

Pamyo Still
(Photo : JTBC | Showbox)
Lee Do Hyun
Lee Do Hyun
(Photo : Showbox )
Lee Do Hyun, Kim Go Eun
(Photo : Showbox )

Netizens are impressed with how Lee Do Hyun changed his boy next door image and appeared with notable transformations for the movie.

As seen in the teaser, the actor’s arms were covered with tattoos and he had long hair, giving him a rugged appearance far different from his usual clean-cut visuals.

Helmed and written by Jang Jae Hyun of the 2015 film “The Priests,” it depicts the story of the strange mission of two shamans, along with a feng shui expert and an undertaker, who go on a strange task of moving strange graves for a big paycheck.

“Exhuma” is slated to hit the big screen on February 22, with several actors joining the film.

Besides Lee Do Hyun and Kim Go Eun, the mystery thriller film also stars veteran actor Choi Min Shik, award-winning star Yoo Jae Jin, and Jeon Jin Ki.