Lee Dong-gun reveals daily life after divorce “My daughter asks ‘Dad, why don’t you come to our house?'”

Lee Dong-gun revealed his daily life after divorce on “My Little Old Boy”

On the Oct 29th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”, Lee Dong-gun’s appearance as a single man after 3 years of divorce from actress Jo Yoon-hee was revealed.

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Lee Dong-gun’s mother confessed, “I was really hurt when I heard about my son’s divorce. He used to attend church diligently, but he stopped going after the divorce. He didn’t want to meet people. Until now, he still doesn’t like going out.

lee dong gun

She added, “There was never a time when he consulted us about the divorce. We thought parents shouldn’t get involved in matters between a couple. We thought they would work it out themselves.”

Lee Dong-gun explained how he felt at the time of his divorce, “In the house where three people lived, two people left, and I was left alone. It felt very different.” He shared, “I didn’t want to go home. It was strange to enter a house where no one was there. I wanted to escape from home.”

Lee Dong-gun mentioned his daughter Roa, “I gave her everything she needed. I decided to move. I brought all the things we used in the house where we lived together. I gave things like the refrigerator to Roa’s mom.

lee dong gun

Lee Dong-gun received a voice message from Roa. He said, “Roa doesn’t have a cell phone, so we don’t make calls. Whenever I send a voice message to Roa’s mom’s phone, (Roa’s mom) lets Roa listen to it and send a message back.

Lee Dong-gun explained, “It’s tricky because it’s not Roa’s phone, so I don’t know when or under what circumstances to make a call.

He also talked about how he spends time with his daughter, “I meet my daughter every Sunday. Roa doesn’t want to be apart from me on some days. She asks, ‘Dad, why don’t you come to our house?’ I tell her, ‘I’m busy. I’ll definitely meet you on Sunday.’

Source: Daum