Lee Dong Hwi Net Worth 2024: How Rich is the ‘Chief Detective 1958’ Star Now?

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Known for his versatility as an actor, Lee Dong Hwi has portrayed a wide array of characters, may they be protagonists or villains. The 38-year-old actor definitely delivered an amazing portrayal.

He captivated the attention of viewers with his character in “The Beauty Inside,” “The Call,” and K-dramas like “Big Bet” and “Glitch,” but he gained massive popularity after joining the star-studded cast of “Reply 1988.”

With his decade-long career as an actor, how much is Lee Dong Hwi’s net worth?

Lee Dong Hwi Net Worth 2024

He made his debut in 2013 after appearing in the movie “Run to the South ” for a cameo role, playing the character of a cafe customer.

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A year later, Lee Dong Hwi made his first K-drama appearance in the action-packed sageuk “Gunman in Joseon” as police officer Han Jung Hoon.

From playing supporting roles, he managed to work his way up and became the lead star of various K-dramas and movies. Apart from this, he often plays unconventional characters.

With his years as an actor and a number of nominations and awards, Lee Dong Hwi’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, as mentioned by a news outlet.

His earnings are mostly from his career as an actor, plus endorsements and media postings.

Did You Know? Lee Dong Hwi Joined Lee Je Hoon’s Agency While Filming ‘Chief Detective 1958’

Lee Dong Hwi is part of the cast of MBC’s “Chief Detective 1958,” the prequel to the iconic series “Chief Inspector,” which aired from 1971 to 1989.

Lee Dong Hwi, Lee Je Hoon
(Photo : Lee Dong Hwi Instagram)

Taking on the role of senior detective Kim Sang Hoon, he is Park Young Han’s right-hand man, played by Lee Je Hoon.

Besides the two senior detectives, the Jongnam Police Investigation Unit 1 team also featured two rookie detectives.

Expressing his amusement with the actor’s work ethic, he mentioned that Lee Je Hoon is the type who “willingly steps out of his comfort zone” to offer and promote his work.

The actor also revealed that he transferred to Lee Je Hoon’s agency, COMPANY ON, in the middle of the “Chief Detective 1958” production.

“When I expressed my desire, I said, ‘I want to shoot a lot of independent films. It’s not something that brings profit to the company, but is it okay? ‘He readily agreed and assured me that the proceeds from independent films wouldn’t go to the company.

Lee Dong Hwi also added that being in the same company as Lee Je Hoon felt like he had finally found his home.