Lee Dong Wook Reveals He’s Envious of THESE K-Actors

K-drama leading man Lee Dong Wook shared for the first time that he is jealous of these veteran actors.

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Lee Dong Wook Names These K-Actors Whom He Is Jealous Of

In his recent guest appearance in Na Young Suk’s (also known as Na PD) live broadcast, Lee Dong Wook was asked if there were any of his fellow actors that he was envious of. The heartthrob then named a few veteran actors such as Jung Woo Sung, Lee Byung Hun, and Lee Jung Jae. 

Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung
(Photo : Lee Jung Jae Instagram)
Lee Byung Hun
(Photo : Lee Byung Hun Instagram)

Lee Dong Wook humbly clarifies that these veterans are the actors he looks up to the most and a bit of friendly envy. He also mentioned Gong Yoo, his former co-star in the megahit drama “Goblin” and real-life friend, who is always there for him, especially through tough times.

Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo
(Photo : Lee Dong Wook Instagram)

Is Lee Dong Wook Returning to Romance Genre Soon?

A Shop for Killers Still
(Photo : Disney Plus Korea)
Lee Dong Wook

During the interview, the male star was asked whether he will still do romance genre in his dramas, since it’s been a year that Lee Dong Wook has been doing action and fantasy genres. To answer this, the “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” actor admitted that he sometimes wanted to appear in a romance. However, there was one thing stopping him.

The lead actor explained that because there are so many genres and roles he hasn’t explored yet, he didn’t feel the need to do the romance genre yet. 

For now, Lee Dong Wook wants to take on diverse roles that he has not played before. His recent role was in the thriller-mystery drama “A Shop for Killers.”

Lee Dong Wook Packed With New Projects This 2024

After his action genre series “A Shop for Killers,” Lee Dong Wook is already in talks to return for the drama’s season 2. Though there’s no confirmation yet, viewers are already looking forward to it due to the huge global success that the drama received.

In addition, Lee Dong Wook is reportedly doing a series with Lee Sung Kyung in a gangster drama “Good Man.” 

The series features the turbulent events that Seok Cheol experiences, he is the oldest son of a three-generational gangster family, who goes to protect his family, work, and love. It will be helmed by “Our Happy Time” director Song Hae Sung and the script will be penned by Kim Un Kyung.

It has been said that “Good Man” is expected to deliver laughter to viewers.

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