Lee Dongwook’s Handsome Childhood Picture

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His facial features were already perfect since he was young, the aura is crazy.

-Even as a child, he looks like he has a story behind him, with those deep eyes, so smart.

-Has Dong-wook inherited Western blood? I can’t believe those are the facial features of a fully Korean child.

-He probably won’t have any embarrassing moments in his life.

-Wow… How would it feel to live as handsome as him for a lifetime…?

-He looks like a kindergarten kid, but he has the face of a high school basketball team senior……

-Wow… He’s different.

-He’s been handsome his whole life… Wow…

-Wow, super handsome….

-Wow, his facial features…

-Handsome since childhood, handsome for life.

-Even though he’s a kid, he looks like you’d want to call him “oppa.” Handsome.

-Look at those eyelashes.

-He’s never been unattractive.

-Hurry up and have children.

-Please marry me.

-That’s why his elementary school teacher told him to become an actor…