Lee Hi Reveals Why She Left AOMG: ‘I Feel a Lot of Regret But…’

On Instagram, singer Lee Hi expressed her feelings after leaving AOMG which became her nest for three years. In the letter, she briefly revealed why she came up with her decision as well.

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Earlier, AOMG, the label originally founded by Jay Park announced that four of its OG artists GRAY, Woo Wonjae, Lee Hi and GooseBumps decided to part ways with them following contract expiration.

Following the official announcement, Lee Hi also took to her personal Instagram to share her true feelings about her departure.

AOMG Confirms Lee Hi’s Exit from Label

Lee Hi Reveals Why She Left AOMG: 'I Feel a Lot of Regret But...'
(Photo : Lee Hi (ELLE))

On March 28, AOMG released its position, saying:

“Hello, this is AOMG.

We would like to inform you that the exclusive contracts of our artists Gray, Woo Wonjae, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps have ended.

Thank you for your interest and love toward Gray, Woo Wonjae, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps and we will continue to ask for your continued great love.

AOMG supports the new challenges of Gray, Woo Wonjae, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps.”

Lee Hi Reveals Why She Left AOMG: 'I Feel a Lot of Regret But...'
(Photo : Lee Hi (marie claire))

Following this news, there are various speculations as to why they left the label. After all, the four artists were highly associated and became “pillars” of AOMG, thanks to their music presence & status.

Lee Hi Addresses Departure from AOMG

On March 29 then, singer Lee Hi took to her Instagram to express her real feelings about the end of her contract with the former agency.

In her letter, she conveyed her love for the label she has been for three years, emphasizing that she worked with a good team.

A post shared by instagram

“Hello, this is Lee Hi.

Thanks to the company called AOMG, which has been with me like a family, I was able to learn a lot over the past three years.

It was a time for me to grow in a different way as I was able to work with good team members and colleagues who respect each other.”

Just then, she briefly revealed the reason she came up with the decision to leave AOMG, saying:

“However, I am trying to take my own path in a different direction.”

Lee Hi Reveals Why She Left AOMG: 'I Feel a Lot of Regret But...'
(Photo : Lee Hi (Kpopping))

Although she felt regret, Lee Hi hinted that she plans to start anew and promised fans to come back with new music.

“Although it’s short, I feel a lot of regret, perhaps because I grew attached to it over a long period of time. I will end this long, regretful rant here. I love you all!

If you wait a little longer, I will come back with a lot of good music!”

Lee Hi, born in 1996, debuted in the music industry with the digital single ‘1,2,3,4’ back in 2012 under YG Entertainment.

She eventually received much love from numerous fans for her beauty, outstanding tone and singing ability.

Lee Hi Reveals Why She Left AOMG: 'I Feel a Lot of Regret But...'
(Photo : Lee Hi (Kpopping))

She became known globally for her hits, “ONLY,” “Breathe,” “HOLO,” “My Love” and more.

After leaving YG in December 2019, Lee Hi signed with AOMG in 2020. In particular, this entertainment agency was established by singer Jay Park in 2013, former 2PM.

Since Jay Park stepped down from his position as CEO in 2021, Kim Soo Hyuk (DJ Pumkin) has led the company. Recently, CEO Kim Soo Hyuk also resigned, and CEO Yoo Deok Gon took over as his successor.